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Alexey Kudrin has reduced number of the assistants

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Yesterday at session of the interdepartmental commission on formation of system and structure of federal enforcement authorities which was spent by the head of governmental body Dmitry Kozak, the sharpest personnel questions - about number of central offices of the ministries and about quantity of assistants to ministers have been solved.
behind news minfinovtsy have come to ten o`clock in the morning on the fifth floor, which Alexey Kudrin divides with the first deputy Alexey Uljukaevym. The number of the admitted has been limited; have invited chiefs of departments from departments gosfinkontrolja and currency control which unite in Federal Agency financially - budgetary supervision. An official occasion - Alexey Kudrin was going to present to subordinates of the new chief of this service of Sergey Pavlenko who has been confirmed to the post by the chairman of the government Michael Fradkov on March, 22nd.
that in a smoking-room nobody was late was unusual already. Officials passed at once in a hall and took seats on habitual places. As a result the oval table which is occupied usually with Alexey Kudrin and its twelve assistants, has appeared is empty, and places in an orchestra are filled. The correspondent waiting mister Pavlenko in a corridor, officials avoided. Anybody from operating assistants to ministers has not come to a board hall. Alexey Uljukaev who has appeared in a corridor has tried not noticed to slip in the office, but has been stopped by a question of the correspondent on, whether truth that it was going to pass in the Central Bank. Mister Uljukaev why - that on - anglijski has said: No comment! also has disappeared in an office. Only the chief of department gosfinkontrolja Alexander Ahpolov kept as usual: it already knew that its department is united with department of currency control and that it now Sergey Pavlenko`s subordinate. However, to extend about transformations to the Ministry of Finance mister Ahpolov did not become, having confirmed only that this time wait for real dismissals. Then he has informed the correspondent that activity of employees of its department is easily measured in roubles, having declared that each budgetary rouble enclosed in financial control, brings return in 25 roubles .
Alexey Kudrin was late for half an hour also the delay has explained to that was late in the White house where the head of governmental body Dmitry Kozak held the next session of the interdepartmental commission on formation of system and structure of federal enforcement authorities. Then Alexey Kudrin has replaced gathered officials, he has suggested them to take places of assistants to ministers. And after that has informed: in Dmitry Kozaka`s commission it is decided that the central office of the Ministry of Finance will be reduced with 1712 to 1370 persons. Still recently in interview Alexey Kudrin asserted that in the Ministry of Finance there will be 1600 permanent appointments. But to keep places to it it was not possible, even despite transfer to the Ministry of Finance of functions from the State Customs Committee - regulations of definition of customs cost, an order of calculation and payment of customs payments. will pass reductions exactly on 20 % - mister Kudrin has there and then counted up, having noticed that will reduce not vacancies, and real people. basically all vacancies are already occupied from us - he has underlined. Will suffer present 12 zamov Alexey Kudrin most, them remains only two. The minister has promised to name those who remains, after April, 1st.
on March, 19th Alexey Kudrin has directed to Dmitry Kozaku the project of structure of the ministry with 8 deputy ministers (from them four first); the minister of economic development Herman Gref wanted to leave 11 assistants; the minister of the industry and power Victor Khristenko insisted on 12 assistants. Yesterday, having returned from the White house, Alexey Kudrin has informed that disagreements in Dmitry Kozaka`s commission Concerning division of functions between the ministries and departments are already minimum .
As to deputy ministers of the finance while the destiny only Tatyanas Nesterenko is clear; yesterday Alexey Kudrin promised to recommend it for a post of the head of federal exchequer which since January, 1st, 2005 is allocated from structure of the Ministry of Finance in independent body. In other three federal services, subordinated to the Ministry of Finance, all places are already occupied. Today Alexey Kudrin will present to the employees of the head of federal service of insurance supervision Ilya Lomakin - Rumjantseva. Means, zamministrov serious fall waits, at least. departments which should mention large lines of activity of the ministry " become a key link of the ministry; - Alexey Kudrin has explained an essence of shifts. By its calculations, from 28 departments of the Ministry of Finance will remain only 9. In the integrated departments Remain to work a minimum of 70 persons, a maximum 170 . But, Alexey Kudrin, " assured; heads of departments will have the special status and a salary above level of the present deputy minister . Yesterday wished to keep anonymity the representative of Ministry of economic development and trade asserted that now the salary of the deputy minister does not exceed 18 thousand roubles, and after reform will raise in six - seven times .
After the story about changes in the ministry Alexey Kudrin has presented Sergey Pavlenko. However, mister Pavlenko well-known minfinovtsam. Last four years it supervised over Alexey Kudrin`s secretary in the White house, and through it have passed all standard - legal certificates which were prepared by the economic block of the government . Besides, Alexey Kudrin has underlined that in 1997 - 1999 mister Pavlenko was the deputy chief of the Main control management of the president which then was headed by Vladimir Putin. Number of central office of federal service over which mister Pavlenko now supervises, will make 370 persons. Territorial control bodies will be reduced from 7 thousand persons to 5729.
On it representation has ended, and officials began to disperse. At last, already informally, one of them has told to the correspondent that the Ministry of Finance other shocks wait also. For example, all departments supervising financing of the budgetary organisations, and them in the Ministry of Finance six, will be merged in one. Independence initially will keep only department of interbudgetary relations. To supervise this hyperbudgetary department will charge, most likely, to Tatyana Golikovoj. In the Ministry of Finance guess, whether will keep behind it a post of the deputy minister or will lower to the chief of department. Besides, in central office of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection which reforming in federal service at the Ministry of Finance is left at last, it will be reduced to 4 thousand persons.
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