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Modern dance has risen on both feet

Proceeds the Gold mask
festival competition

has not had time to begin festival the Gold mask as competition in section " has come to the end; Modern dance - both nominees have already shown the performances. Nevertheless TATYANA - KUZNETSOVA considers that competition of this year almost the strongest for all six-year history of this nomination.
our present modern dance generally is fostered by foreigners: about 15 years ago not ballet enthusiasts of movement were sponsored in eager rivalry by the European and American teachers. Systems in this guardianship were not any - the state and has not found time to support and direct contemporaries . But, sufficing knowledge and ability hurriedly, being confused in technicians and straying in theories, domestic authors and executors have begun to grope the way. To the middle 90 - h contemporaries Already it was necessary to notice - their works were much more powerful and actual, than traditional ballet.
a gold mask has legalised Modern dance on the eve of the XXI-st century: the season 1998 - 1999 was such fruitful on events that it was necessary to allocate in their separate line. However all five years occurred to this nomination strange things. Whether the musical jury consisting in basic from the people academic, not so understood specificity of a subject, whether the role was played by tactical reasons - only still indisputable leaders have been never valued according to the merits. Thus, to prove that the nomination is thought up knowingly, experts hammered in the competitive program the opuses forgotten next day after viewing.
this season has stood out the exclusive: in competition only two performances, but excellent quality. And each of them embodies one of tendencies of our development contemporary. The way of fruitful cooperation with the western choreographers has shown ballet Moscow having presented Spring sacred Igor Stravinsky directed by eminent Frenchman Rezhisa Obadja. Ekaterinburg Provincial dances have shown the best, on what domestic modern dance, - " is capable; Flights during tea drinking Tatyana Baganovoj`s leader.
It is significant that both collectives on to the Mask regularly prokatyvali, and tendencies did not notice. Ballet Moscow already represented excellent Breaking put by cult Dutch Polom Selvinom Norton - this basic work have sacrificed to certain semivariety dancings. provincial dances are nominated on the Mask the fifth time. The award was received twice by Tatyana Baganova as the best choreographer (once - together with the constant set designer Olga Pautovoj). But performances though works of madam Baganovoj are famous just unique " have been never noted; atmosphere - an alloy of the general picture, a rhythm, mood, a pantomime, stage settings which is difficult for dismembering on elements.
two competitive performances are contrast in all. Strangely enough, Spring the Frenchman - brutal, energetichnaja, furious, unequivocal - the refined, quiet and deep performance ekaterinburzhtsev looks more Russian, than. With in the spring all is clear from first minutes: Rezhis Obadja, having ignored pagan motives of the primary source, has put ballet about postindustrial wildness. Has built on a scene a rusty metal wall, the floor covered with grey sand as a metal shaving, people has deprived of memory, having forced them to test for the first time both sexual instincts, and comprehension of the loneliness, and horror before already come doomsday. Especially zrelishchny stage settings on the vertical wall, repeatedly approved by the venerable choreographer in its video films. Actors work navzryd: their sweaty bodies soiled by grey sand cause almost physiological response in public. Powerful furious supports - interceptions, rolling a wave behind a wave, win back each musical culmination. On my taste, the culminations it has turned out even too much: when on the tenth minute of performance from women tear off dresses what to do other twenty? That again to put on again to undress. However, the highest wave nevertheless comes: crowning ballet heart-rending solo darlings (Anzhelika of Shevchenko) it is valid istoshnee all previous squalls.
flights during tea drinking on the contrary, it is necessary to look repeatedly - in this performance too many details and senses. Bright shagalovskie motives in scenography; the appeals declared in the name to Lewis Carroll; Doll women with the combed heads of hear and the rouged cheeks and their pocket men whom they walk, having taken for a neck, as room doggies on a short lead; a hysterical tango with the fountains of splashes flying from wet hair of ladies; inconsistent babble about a flying pig; grape clusters on the ripened bride - all this absurdistsky the surroundings reliably hides simple human stories. Too it is a lot of stories, and they intertwine so that will not understand, what of them main. Whether the history of the woman who were going to get married for the good person, and fallen in love the odd fellow at whom the main thing in life - a flying pig, and the woman from it is sick also it dies. Whether history of the good person, ready to fly from love, but become by the poor best man on wedding of own bride. Wonderfully it is found out that before us traditional psychological Russian theatre which has dressed up for the first time in exotic clothes of modern dance.
What decision will accept jury, it will choose worthy work, but even putting on Masks not to define, to what of tendencies can become a basis of the present Russian contemporary.