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The general has offended the governor

in interests of the candidate in governors
governor`s elections

Yesterday lawyers of the governor of Koryak autonomous region of Vladimir Loginov standing for the second term, have directed to local electoral committee of the complaint to a staff of its contender on the second round of elections of the public prosecutor of district of Boris Chueva. In particular, reproaches are stated to the authorised representative of the public prosecutor of the former commander by Vladimir Ruzljaeva`s Caucasian special boundary district. By words shtabistov mister Loginov, in the performances the general compares the present governor to Hitler, and socially - an economic situation in Korjakii - with the Great Patriotic War.
on March, 14th in Korjakii elections of the governor have taken place. As any of ten candidates has not typed more than 50 % of voices, on April, 4th will pass the second round. Struggle continue the operating head of district Vladimir Loginov (37,5 % of voices in the first round) and district attorney Boris Chuev (17,98 %).
At the second stage the public prosecutor has connected to the election campaign of the Moscow political strategists led by the general - colonel Vladimir Ruzljaevym. Some years ago general Ruzljaev has left a post of the commander of the Caucasian special boundary district with loud scandal. In September, 1997 the military Office of Public Prosecutor has brought against its criminal case as an occasion for which incident with its subordinates has served. The general has seen that three officers - scouts the frontier services which have arrived from a check point Top Lars were drunk, and has ordered to them to hand over the weapon. Thus, according to officers, the commander was obscenely expressed, has beaten them, and has then ordered to undress and in such kind has kept long time. The court recognised the general guilty under item 336 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Insult of the military man ) Having sentenced it to six months of restriction on military service, but at once has amnestied.
in Korjakii general Ruzljaev began to accompany Boris Chueva on all trips and to act in an air with sharp criticism of the governor of district. As one of employees of a staff of candidate Loginov has told, in the speeches the general compares head Korjakii with Hitler, the fascist and a situation in region - from the Great Patriotic War and civil wars. it is offensive - Ruzljaev actively creates to us an image of the enemy - the interlocutor has underlined and as an example has resulted a note in the local newspaper Democracy under the name Public prosecutors ask fire . In a staff of the governor also have declared that assistants to candidate Chueva bribe voters (the voice is ostensibly estimated in 1 thousand rbl.) Distribute alcoholic drinks, threaten those who sympathises with the present head of district. when on Sunday Chuev has arrived in the village Vojampolka, all population was drunk - has noted shtabist.
to contact Vladimir Ruzljaevym yesterday it was not possible, as it together with the candidate was in agitpoezdke. In a staff of candidate Chueva of the claim to the general have commented so: All is bosh dog. Performance of Ruzljaeva on radio was on March, 24th. If it it is valid so named Loginov their statement would arrive at once in court. But it is not present. They try to tighten the nonexistent facts . In turn, active workers from a pre-election staff of the public prosecutor have complained of application by competitors of an administrative resource. the management ` ` has forbidden to fill with Korjakavia our helicopters. We should refuel either on Kamchatka, or in the Magadan area. People of the governor have allowed the order to expel on villages from election committees of the people supporting Chueva. There is a payoff, to the small people of the North distribute money, in drugstores to them free of charge give out medicines - have informed in Boris Chueva`s staff.
the Secretary of district electoral committee Yaroslav Kostroba has found it difficult to state an estimation to statements of general Ruzljaeva though recognised that it speech by radio has been sustained in style of a wartime . The secretary of electoral committee considers the second stage of pre-election struggle quiet: If in the first round we received from tens complaints every day now such is not present . However yesterday lawyers of candidate Loginov have submitted to electoral committee at once 10 complaints to actions of supporters of Boris Chueva.