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Murderers have risen in turn

on Moscow criminal investigation department checkpoint

Yesterday Office of Public Prosecutor Jugo - East district of capital has accused the former citizen of Yugoslavia Risticha in preparation three murders Is pardoned at once: wives, the mother-in-law and their killer. Accused the fault recognised, but his wife refuses to believe till now in perfidy of the spouse.
crimes managed to be prevented thanks to that killers, having received the order, have not executed it, and have addressed in Moscow criminal investigation department. In the beginning of March, 2004 to detectives of the first department of criminal investigation department (department on disclosing of murders) the man who has told has addressed that its acquaintance Is pardoned by Ristich has ordered to it murder of the wife and the mother-in-law. On terms of transaction in exchange for photos of the cut off goals of women the killer should receive $50 thousand
Murovtsy began to check this information and have found out that the citizen of Yugoslavia Is pardoned by Ristich has arrived to Russia in the beginning 90 - h years. Having married Russian girl Oksana, it was naturalized and became the Russian. The family of mister Risticha looked quite safe: two children, good apartment, high level of a prosperity. The wife Is pardoned by Risticha, by a trade the pharmacologist, owned chemist`s pavilion near metro station VDNH monthly bringing in the income in some thousand dollars. Mister Ristich worked there as the director. at first sight any motive for murder of the wife at Risticha was not. But, having studied its person, our detectives motive have found. It has appeared that Ristich has decided to take hold of all property of the spouse: a drugstore and apartment. And the mother-in-law wanted to clean together with the wife that it did not have superfluous questions and suspicions - has told a press - the secretary of Moscow criminal investigation department Alexey Bahromeev. While the wife was in the decree with the second child, Ristich under a specious excuse Is pardoned has received at it the power of attorney and has renewed the property rights to apartment and business. Then has ordered murder of relatives.
when murovtsy have told about all to the wife of mister Risticha, she it has not believed. a lot of time Was required to convince the woman to accompany us - Alexey Bahromeev has told. Murovtsy have hidden the wife and the mother-in-law of mister Risticha on secret apartment. Women have made up under killed by shots in a head and have photographed. The killer has brought Ristichu pictures and has explained that could not cut off a head from fastidiousness. Risticha quite is pardoned has satisfied this explanation, and it has given to the murderer promised $50 thousand
have called Next day mister Ristichu from militia and have informed that distant relatives of his wife have written the application for its loss. Ristich, without being confused at all, has declared that the wife and the mother-in-law have left to have a rest abroad. Then itself was in police station where has in writing confirmed the statement. Here our detectives also have detained him - Alexey Bahromeev has told. Murovtsy have considered business Risticha finished Is pardoned, but soon to them of it have reminded. On a checkpoint of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs one more killer employed by mister Ristichem was. It has appeared that Ristich Is pardoned planned to kill not only the wife and the mother-in-law, but also their killer. for $25 thousand it has employed other murderer definitively to hide none will be the wiser. But, to our happiness, the second killer has appeared good acquaintance of the first. And instead of liquidation of a companion has preferred to come to militia - have summed up in Moscow criminal investigation department.
Milovanu Ristichu is brought accusation in attempt at murder. killers have received an official message of thanks from murovtsev. And the wife of mister Risticha who has happily avoided death, according to militiamen, continues to assert that loves the husband and will believe in its guilt only after a court sentence.