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Importers remained are happy with quotas

for the first time from the beginning of year
the food-processing industry

Yesterday on a site of the Ministry of economic development and trade (MERT) there were lists of importers which can obtain licences within the limits of 60 - a percentage quota for import to Russia of pork, beef and fowl. For the first time from the beginning of year the majority of players of the meat market have declared that lists MERTa completely suit them.
this year in Russia the import quota on fowl (1,05 million) and tariff quotas on import of pork (450 thousand) and beef (420 thousand) operates. Distribution of quotas between participants of foreign trade activities is carried out proportionally to import volumes for previous year (the corresponding data gives the State Customs Committee). At the first stage 40 % of quotas (the statistics of import for first three quarters 2003 is used) are distributed. On the second - the remained 60 % (according to import for all 2003).
Yesterday MERT on the site has published lists of wholesalers and the sizes of quotas having on their share. It, apparently, ordinary event has caused steadfast interest of participants of the market. The matter is that the previous lists (then 40 % of quotas were distributed) have displeased from the majority of importers - quotas have been distributed with essential errors, and many companies have not got to the list. As a result of MERT has been compelled to recognise technical errors and corrected lists twice.
according to experts, some importers really could have problems from - for changes of rules on which quotas on meat import are distributed: the companies which basically imported meat in the fourth quarter 2003, should reduce the volumes in 2004.
yesterday the majority of players of the market have declared to the correspondent that this time lists are executed very precisely and any additional updating do not demand. The State Customs Committees and MERT have attentively approached to calculations as understood undesirability of delays - the head of National meat association Sergey Jushin considers. We had time to analyse the data on 20 largest wholesalers and while errors have not found - the head of the company " has declared; Mitlend Dmitry Gordeyev.
from the interrogated companies yesterday claims to MERTu were shown only by one. last year affilirovannye with us structures have imported 35 thousand t red meat, - the head of concern ` tells Gazrezerv ` Ivan Kara. - however in lists this year 22 thousand t " appears only;. In Gazrezerve have promised a tax on MERT in court if lists are not corrected.
in most MERTe claims to the list did not begin to make comments. in the calculations we were guided by the State Customs Committee data - has declared only a press - the secretary of the ministry Konstantin Bogdanov.