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Week of a fashion has shown teeth

pret - a - porter displays

In Gostini dvor have passed the second and third days of displays of Week of a fashion in Moscow organised by Association of haute couture and pret - and - port. A fashion observer has had time to check up 22 of 39 declared collections then, being afraid of the worst, the organising committee has deprived of its accreditation. Week is closed by OLGA - MIHAJLOVSKY.
In the second day all were eclipsed by display of the designer of Katya Kobzon acting under mark Feeric. For those who does not know, - the designer this is the daughter-in-law, instead of the daughter of the well-known father that, however, in any way its advantages does not belittle. To testify to it the respect in Gostini dvor were hockey player Pavel Bure and singer Boris Moiseyev, and also businessmen of Alimzhan Tahtahunov and Anzori Aksentev - Kikalishvili. Behind turmoil of a family holiday it has appeared to make out seriously difficultly a collection which, however, seemingly, and did not apply for the serious relation.
Contrast between appearance of the designer - high, beautiful, absolutely European girl in good jeans and a black vest - and it is naive - provincial in the disinterested aspiration to beauty the collection had appeared shocking. Almost improbable. After that infinite and as always Slavy Zajtseva violent collection was capable to deliver a sheer pleasure. As absurdity of its forms and tsvetosochetany began to border almost with shining klounadoj John Galliano.
all other collections were bad absolutely equally. Well unless there are at each designer whims, for example, the ending of a collection of Irina Kaufman has been noted by a solo vocal turn of her daughter. And at Tatyana Kudrjashovoj`s designer display opened and closed ballerinas who scattered petals of tulips, and from guns there was a snow. And madam Romanjuk even has deduced on bow to nobody the known man. All have thought that it either the favourite husband, or the sponsor, but has appeared - the director - the director.
anyway, for a creative method of all these people unconditional bent for fine, to beauty in that children`s plain understanding of this word which to a real fashion has no the slightest relation is characteristic. That was the Magic world of textile products . So the shop which has casually caught sight to me in one of dormitory areas of Moscow just in the first day of week on the way to displays was called.
actually Week of a fashion in Moscow will go even two days. But readers it is more than anything about it do not learn, because the organising committee of week has made decision to deprive your correspondent of accreditation. As far as it is known to the correspondent, it is an unprecedented case in world practice of fashionable displays. In the West the undesirable journalist at worst will not receive the invitation to show of the offended designer. In the east security guards have approached to the correspondent from two parties, have taken away accreditation and have politely moved to an exit. Saw off, it is necessary to give due, not to the house.