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The American philanthropist about the Ukrainian president

From George Soros`s article “ Not clear future of new Ukraine “ (La Repubblica from 06. 03. 01)
In 1989, for two years before Ukraine became the independent state, I have based fund “ the Renaissance “ in Ukraine. Since then I already have allocated more than $100 million as the help. I have met for the first time Leonid Kuchma in 1994 when it has proposed the candidature on presidential election. Both of us have been invited to a breakfast to Richard Nixon. To destiny was so it is necessary that Nixon has died this day. And we had to have dinner with Kuchma together. Then this Ukrainian politician has seemed to me more vigorous and purposeful, than its predecessor.
after that promising beginning I with horror observed of its decline as the political leader. I became the witness of how the president has started to put more and more strong pressure upon independent mass-media and applied during campaign for the re-election doubtful enough methods. I warned the West that it is not necessary to show condescension to abusings which are supposed by Kuchma. Besides, I have specified that its re-election only promoted strengthening of positions of the corrupted oligarchs...
last time I saw Kuchma in November of last year. It was conversation confidentially in its presidential office. I was amazed with its sharp and poisonous statements about the prime minister - minister Victor Yushchenko and were vitse - the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko. I have told that met Yushchenko in the morning of the same day and that the prime minister has confirmed the fidelity to the president that obviously contrasted with Kuchma`s statements. I have supported their cooperation in interests of Ukraine. This meeting has occurred before it became known about Kuchma`s possible participation in murder of Gongadze. People have gone out of doors with the requirement about carrying out of independent investigation of circumstances of  destruction of the journalist and every day all Kuchma`s resignation more persistently demanded. If Kuchma stands up for a survival of Ukraine as democratic state, it should bear responsibility for the acts and depart from affairs before the investigation termination. Now the West should take of an accurate position and subject to criticism behaviour and a policy of the Ukrainian president. The international community should not have with it affairs until fair investigation will be finished and the guilty will not be defined. The population should know that the western countries on its party and oppose Kuchma`s any attempts to avoid responsibility.
I confirm the obligations on rendering of assistance to development in Ukraine an open society. I urge other financiers to continue to assist a civil society in this country. Would be the present tragedy if the errors made by Kuchma, have forced the international community to throw the Ukrainian society during so difficult moment.