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Kofi Annan has paid off for the representative

Explosion in United Nations mission the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has led to loss of the co-ordinator
the Iraq settlement

Yesterday has sent in resignation of the co-ordinator of the United Nations on safety issues of Tun Myata. Results of investigation of circumstances of explosion of mission of the United Nations in Bagdad in August of last year when the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations in Iraq Serzhio Vijera de Mello was lost became an occasion to dismissal of the old colleague of mister Annan.
on August, 19th, 2003 explosion filled by an explosive tsementovoza practically has destroyed Baghdad a staff - United Nations apartment in hotel Canal Hotel. Officials of the United Nations were in shock. The tragedy has carried away lives of 22 persons, including the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations in Iraq Serzhio Vijera de Mello. It, by the way, became the most high-ranking official of the United Nations killed in the Near East for the last half a century. To it the same mournful fate in September, 1948 has comprehended the intermediary of the United Nations in regional settlement of Swede Folke Bernadotta which was shot by the Jewish extremist.
despite tragedy scale in Bagdad, the United Nations management first was not going to search guilty among own employees. New York was limited only to a conclusion from Iraq of the personnel of the United Nations. Such deal did not suit many. One of the most zealous critics of actions of a top of the United Nations became eks - the president of Finland to Martti Ahtisaari. Together with group of independent experts he has managed to prove that protection of representations of the United Nations in the world is organised worse than ever. According to mister Ahtisaari and its colleagues, destruction of many employees of the Baghdad mission it would be possible to avoid, if not serious miscalculations of security service and an organisation management. As a result of November, 10th the special commission on explosion investigation in Bagdad has been generated. Investigation was headed by the former assistant to the Supreme commissioner on affairs of refugees of Dzherald Uoltser.
It has appeared that the basic fault lies on employees of special working group across Iraq which supervised mission. They have managed to admit variety of the miscalculations adjoining on a criminal negligence. According to investigation conclusions, lacks of the organisation of protection of a building of mission took place underestimation of risks at decision-making on returning to Bagdad experts of the United Nations after end of large-scale operations in May, 2003, ignoring of signals about threat of acts of terrorism. And among those who rejected possibility of terrorist attack to United Nations representation in Bagdad and did not give proper attention of safety, was, according to the commission, and the mister de Mello.
thoroughly to understand the event reasons, it was required to committee-men three months. The result of their work - 30 - the page report - circulated in corridors a staff - United Nations apartments in New York from the beginning of March. However the United Nations management delayed orgvyvodami. The first Louise Freshett who headed in due time notorious working group has not sustained a nervous tension the assistant to the secretary general of the United Nations. On Monday it has submitted the application on resignation. After that to delay Kofi Annan`s decision could not any more.
to begin with it has not accepted resignation of madam Freshett, considering collective character of the admitted miscalculations . But the co-ordinator of the United Nations on safety issues of Tun Myat since yesterday became the unemployed. As a matter of fact, it also has appeared extreme. The former chief of safety of mission of the United Nations in Iraq Ramiro Lopesh yes only is lowered by Silva in a post: it is translated from a post of the assistant to the secretary general in the World food programme. Also the United Nations management intends to take measures disciplinary character Concerning two former employees of mission of the United Nations in Iraq - Pola Agadzhanjana and the Pas of Momodu Sinjana, including their guilty of a negligence. What real conclusions made the United Nations from last year`s tragedy, it becomes known in the summer when the United Nations intend to return to Bagdad.