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The YUKOS has deviated the licence

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Yesterday results of check for the Ministry of natural resources (MPR) performance of licence agreements NK YUKOS and its extracting enterprises in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region became known. Check has revealed numerous infringements of licence agreements. However, in MPR say that if licences at YUKOS and will be withdrawn, not earlier than in some months.
about infringements of licence agreements by the companies under control to YUKOS Yuganskneftegaz (it includes five oil-extracting enterprises) and Tomskneft VNK revealed by check of Central administrative board of natural resources (GUPR) on Hunts - to Mansijsky autonomous region (HMAO), has informed yesterday agency Interfax . The agency referred to the statement of the vice-president of government HMAO on questions nedropolzovanija and TEKa Vladimir Karasev and Report GUPR on the spent actions of branches - nedropolzovatelej NK YUKOS in district territory .
the Information on check results have confirmed in MPR. The assistant to management of monitoring and control over performance of conditions of licences on large objects nedropolzovanija Vasily Simakov has told that GUPR on HMAO spent YUKOS checks, Yuganskneftegaz and Tomskneft in January - February of this year on the instructions of the former minister Vitaly Artjuhova, given on demand of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Checks of YUKOS and the companies dependent on it, according to mister Simakova, passed in all regions where they work. GUPR on HMAO has reported in MPR on results of the checks on the last (about checks of the enterprises of YUKOS in other regions wrote on January, 31st and on February, 25th).
According to the official, at hanty - mansijskih the YUKOS companies on several sites extraction is carried out with more than ten-percentage deviations of actual indicators from design, that is the YUKOS extracts more oil, than is defined by the licence. Besides, check has revealed the big staying idle fund of extracting operational chinks, backlog of operational drilling concerning design indicators and low level of recycling of passing gas (on 95 % below standard).
Vasily Simakov considers that it is enough gross infringements which can lead to licence withdrawal. But for this purpose, as he said, special working group MPR concerning application of procedure of the preschedule termination of the right of use by bowels should hold meeting following the results of checks with participation of representatives nedropolzovatelja. This working group can recommend to direct to YUKOS the notice on infringements. In this notice term for which the company should eliminate the revealed infringements (it is underlined there can not be less than three months). If infringements are not eliminated, licences can be withdrawn, but only joint decision MPR and authorities HMAO.
we Will note, Yuganskneftegaz and Tomskneft are the basic extracting enterprises of YUKOS and loss of licences by them on deposits in HMAO will mean loss of 80 % of extracted oil for YUKOS. This year the company in total plans to extract 90 million t oil, from which on a share Yuganskneftegaz it is necessary to 54 million t, Tomskneft - 20 million t.
Representatives of YUKOS did not make comments yesterday on results of checks of the company in HMAO. Analysts of investment companies, in turn, consider licence withdrawal from YUKOS though also improbable, but possible. So, according to an analyst of YOKES Aton Dmitry Lukashova, In Russia yet there was no precedent that licences responded for this reason, but the YUKOS at us in many things goes the first .