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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stood up for the Russian tourists


Yesterday representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have discussed the problems which have arisen in the end of last week of delivery of Schengen visas with the ambassador of France in Russia Jean Kade. As it is informed in a press - ministry release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has paid attention of the ambassador and a consulate management to necessity of acceptance of urgent measures for crisis overcoming. In travel agencies, however, are afraid what within the next few days to resolve a problem it will not be possible.
Scandal in the French consulate has inflamed past Friday when visa officers have suspended registration of visas, referring to a large quantity of demands (see from March, 22nd). Sharp growth of quantity of demands represents an exclusive situation for which decision we use the best efforts - it was informed on March, 20th in the official communique of consulate. The consulate has confirmed this position and in the yesterday`s communique. The Russian tour operators, however, consider this statement insolvent. By their estimations, this year the tourist`s stream to France has grown from Russia slightly - no more than on 10 - 15 %.
All visas to France, by different estimations, could not receive 1,1 - 2 thousand Russian citizens, and only to a past week-end to France could not go not less than 300 tourists. One of three charters to Grenoble has been excellent, and the charter on Bove has departed the thin. Have appeared are locked in Brest some excursion buses with children. Losses of tour operators have made at least 150 thousand
Yesterday visa crisis with the ambassador of France representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed. we hope that the situation with issue of visas to the Russian citizens who wish to go to France on affairs or other questions, will improve in the near future - has declared following the results of this meeting the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko. In turn, the French consulate has promised to process all not considered inquiries to evening of environment.
However representatives of Russian tourist industry believe that so quickly crisis will not be resolved. it is possible to ascertain that the French consulate has really made efforts to solve the hottest problems, in particular, with children`s bus excursions, - tells a press - the secretary of the Russian union of the tourist`s industry Irina Tyurin. - however tour operators seriously are afraid of effect of a snow clod which will lead to new faults in consulate work. It will manage to be avoided, only if employees of visa department work with full return .