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Avanti! (Avanti!, 1973 ***) not the best film of Hollywood classic Billi Uajldera (1906 - 2000). However, all rather. So far as concerns the person who has put the Double insurance (Double Indemnity, 1944), Parkway Sanset (Sunset Boulevard, 1950) and In a jazz only girls (Some Like It Hot, 1959), most razneudachnyj its film against modern film production seems briljantom at its finest. Avanti! - a screen version of the play of Semjuelja Taylor that predetermines theatrical stylistics of a film, an unpretentious vaudeville in which Uajldera of a theme expensive to heart nevertheless sound. And in a leading role - Jack Lemmon adored by it, as always, in role of the person on which every possible cones are strewed. Since that it takes off for Italy behind a body of the father who has lost in a road accident directly from a golf course, in an idiotic suit which to it should be changed in the plane for a black suit of the neighbour that, naturally, causes the first troubles at customs. And finishing that the father as it is found out, was lost together with the long-term mistress, the excentric and which chubby daughter slowly but surely wins heart of the hero, desperately trying to observe the proprieties and resolve set of every minute arising problems. But all its American business grasp appears powerless before the Italian way of life. Southern Italy is represented by Uajlderom karikaturno, but it is a gentle cartoon. The country occupied charming proshchelygami, lovely blackmailers, clumsy yokels from a mafia, abducting a corpse of the father, idlers and ladies` men. In Italy, for example, the bed of the client in a hotel room appears not cleaned as the parlourmaid with jealousy has shot the footman and ran to native Sicily. And the owner of hotel is upset that it has not killed somebody from clients: clients will be new, and here to find both the footman, and the parlourmaid at the height of a tourist season uneasy. Americans are deduced in a film not by smaller odd fellows. The body of the father cannot be taken out home: the Italian bureaucracy in a film feerichna. But loud zhlob of State department finds a way out. The dead man urgently appoint the American trading attache and force to say the oath then its body finds the status of diplomatic soil and can go home. a legend about Suriotaj (The Legend of Suriyothai, 2002 **) Chatrichaperma Jukola hardly will satisfy even the most extreme admirers of Thai cinema though Frensis Ford Coppola has taken a hand in its installation by any image. Unlike other samples of a Thai historical genre, bloody and dynamical, the Legend about Suriotaj the queen correcting in Siam in XVI century, the such local lady Makbet, quite traditional sample of historical cinema in its European understanding. And even the chopped off heads rolled out on the foreground and the bloody sweat acting on a body of foully poisoned monarch, do not give to a film of a Thai originality. It is necessary to be consoled in that the film was put not by somebody, and the present prince. In Indochina of cinema in general entertainment for crowned persons: prince Norodom Sianuk was the film director, for example, and the long-term governor of Cambodia. to Fall upwards (2002 **) Sergey Ginzburg and Alexander Strizhenova is caused at first by insuperable desire to switch off the video player. new Russian cinema in the limiting expression. Against visits of the heroine that in jewelry store, in sports hall to the hairdresser its internal monologue sounds: as all has bothered, caviar in a mouth does not climb, oysters ostobrydli. It finds some consolation in embraces of the giant come to it to shift a fireplace and played, naturally, Evgenie Sidihinym, but the happiness appears short. However very quickly you understand that misters Ginzburg and Strizhenov have removed an extreme parody to new Russian genre, without neglecting and sinefilskimi jokes. The husband of the heroine presented as the official of the Ministry of Finance, lives in a penthouse from which terrace are visible simultaneously the Kremlin, Cheremushki, HSS, in a word, all Moscow. But thus she is surprised, why neighbours - what neighbours? - Do not complain of repair noise. The girlfriend - the traitress the heroine sends in a confident knockout. To it the friends parodying zapoloshnyh teachers from " come on a visit otmokat to a jacuzzi and popristavat to the proletarian; the Twist of fate . Mister Sidihin cools their lust reading of Firdousi on farsi, and then elegantly parodies own character from Maxim Pezhemsky`s film Mum, do not grieve! that which showed force, breaking off muscles of a neck a belt. Only here the belt at it was on lipuchkah. So from to Fall upwards it is possible to receive sincere pleasure if to accustom itself to thought that its authors have sincerely a good time.