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The Voronezh deputies have sent in resignation of the speaker

to please the governor
the regional policy

Yesterday deputies of the Voronezh regional Duma have sent in resignation of its chairman Alexey Nakvasina. Under the official version, the reason was that the speaker has not consulted to colleagues at promotion of the nominee in governors. But actually this procedure became loyalty demonstration to the head of area re-elected for the second term Vladimir Kulakovu.
the General of FSB in resignation Vladimir Kulakov was re-elected for the second governor`s term on March, 14th. In the election campaign beginning the speaker of regional Duma Alexey Nakvasin who has constructed the campaign on the critic of the governor and its administration was considered as its most serious contender. But in the beginning of March mister Nakvasin has acted in film from elections, having explained that has already reached the purposes, having paid attention of the power and societies on socially - economic problems of area . Under the version of the speaker to remove its nominee has asked plenipotentiary representation of the president in the Central federal district and a management an United Russia .
However amateur performance to the chairman of regional Duma as a result have not forgiven. In the end of last week in regional parliament there has been begun petition for expression to the speaker of mistrust. With such initiative the group of deputies - United Russia party members led by the chairman of the constant commission of regional Duma on the industry, transport and communication by Vladimir Kljuchnikovym has acted. However, first deputies wanted to demand only from the speaker of explanations concerning its promotion by the candidate in governors. But on March, 29th Alexey Nakvasin at session of council of a thought has refused to discuss claims of colleagues and has declared that goes on leave till June, 5th - most likely, counting that in its absence the question on resignation will not be considered.
on yesterday`s session of regional Duma mister Nakvasin has not come, but on it there was governor Kulakov. At the very beginning of session deputy Kljuchnikov has demanded to bring in the agenda a question on the chairman of a regional thought (by this moment under the requirement about resignation of the speaker 34 deputies) have subscribed already and to spend its discussion in the closed mode. and of that to us to hesitate? - deputy Sergey Rudakov, also the recent competitor of mister Kulakova on governor`s elections has reasonably objected. But the majority of its colleagues have supported Vladimir Kljuchnikova. After that and other invited the session hall where there were only deputies and the governor have asked to leave the press.
the closed part of session proceeded about an hour. As a result the decision on Alexey Nakvasina`s resignation from a post of the speaker was accepted the same 34 voices; against Sergey Rudakov voted, two more deputies have refrained. at me the hand has not risen on murder, - has explained one of refrained, deputy Nikolay Kuralesin, - though also political .
According to deputy Rudakov, the decision on resignation of the speaker has been imposed deputies by the governor. And voting was opened and poimennym, and, thus, each deputy should show to head of area the relation to its former political competitor. I not Alexey Nakvasina`s defender, - have declared mister Rudakov, - however I consider that the weighty reasons for its resignation were not .
the Initiator of resignation Vladimir Kljuchnikov to comment on a situation has refused. the decision is already accepted that here what? - he has told to the correspondent. Meanwhile, under the information, mister Kljuchnikov - one of the main applicants for the released post of the speaker along with other United Russia party member - vitse - speaker Yury Titov executing while duties of the chairman of a thought. Formally Alexey Nakvasin remains the chairman of regional Duma till June, 5th.
it is necessary to remind that for last three years in resignation under different pretexts Yury Horoshiltsev, prosecutor of the region Anatoly Bojarkin and the mayor of Voronezh Alexander Kovalev have been sent the main federal inspector across the Voronezh region. All of them expressed in due time disagreement with a policy of the regional authorities and personally governor Kulakova. The following victim, according to observers, can become were vitse - the speaker of regional Duma Boris Skrynnikov who has won on January, 25th elections of the mayor of Voronezh, having outstripped thus the promoted worker of the governor, the head of Kominternovsky area of Voronezh Ivan Obraztsova.