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All this dzhaga

Katya Lel in GTSKZ Russia
a concert the platform

Is not present in Russia today the person better manipulating in the media images, than musical producer Maxim Fadeev. But also it sometimes brings. BORIS was convinced of it - DRUMS, having visited on performance of singer Katya Lel in GTSKZ Russia .
Nobody doubted that Katya Lel`s concerts in Russia the success waits. Within last year in advancement of a new product under an old name so much forces and means have been enclosed that these efforts should conceive due effect. Having received the order for resuscitation of almost forgotten singer which unsuccessfully fought six years for the place on a musical Olympus and has reached only that became almost a symbol paid the Russian platform, the producer and composer Maxim Fadeev as if has decided to hammer definitively aspen kol into a breast kondovoj the Russian platform for adults . Having armed with the newest technologies of creation of a brand, he has not simply written down to Katya a new album (as a whole not the most outstanding advantages), he has created the identified goods about which it is possible to speak in the same market categories, as about new grades of soap or female linings.
at an album Dzhaga - dzhaga presented in Russia besides ideally designed image of the singer there is a visual symbol - the butterfly, in different variants present at all clips, in printed matter, in scenography and a video series; there is a recognised sound - whether in the best songs of a disk so differently there are samples - the hooks subconsciously sending to main, best and really class song - Mine marmeladnyj ; there is a bit discharged, as though a negligent, thoughtless relation to a vocal which sharply contrasts with intonations of songs dofadeevskogo the period.
the program Intrigue just also kept on the conflict of two approaches to work with audience. On the one hand - the songs executed in an old-fashioned manner broshenki such block inherent, for example, Soviet kabatskogo a pop-music, as Irina Allegrova. Katya Lel`s old material sharply contrasted with the hi-tech scenography including scenery, which main motive - wings mahaona and also two video screens, one of which constantly were given by a close up of the singer, and on other scrupulously picked up video series was shown. At the same time the songs which have been thought up till 2003, show characteristic for all Russian stars - appellants a confidential manner which, on idea, should do their variety confessions clear to the maximum number of fellow citizens, especially what private life is arranged as unsuccessfully, as well as at lyrical heroines of songs. But even for similar numbers mister Fadeev and its command have created instead of a stupid restaurant sound new artful arrangements and significant scenic effects.
in second half of concert the sound suppressed with the doubled force, Katya with a great speed changed dresses (prompt costumiers clasped the last krjuchochki almost that in the middle of a scene), dancers of ensemble Strit - a jazz passed from traditional for the Russian platform aerobicheskih a pas to ironic mini - to ballets, worthy a separate praise. Then behind the back of the singer there were men in white overalls dezinsektorov and the respirators, drawing in the technician of graffiti on huge panels hieroglyphs (a song the White chalk ). These misters were replaced by the black figures carrying before self of a frame with a tense mirror film ( Forgive me ) . The new variety idea in Katya Lel`s cover with shine restricted old, internal Ljuba Uspensky with a shame gave way to internal Kajli Minoug.
At last, the song " has begun to sound; to Stand - to be afraid which, it is necessary to understand, it urged to designate the address of new image of the singer. A product theme - infernal Moscow shopping. On screens a never-ending stream dvizhutsja show-windows and counters of boutiques, the singer sings how it is good to it to take a walk one on capital and as nobody is necessary to it. Magazine the Poster already has had time to characterise a new image of the singer as bajersha, Moscow hastening on flight - Milan . We will afford wider perusal. New slushatelnitsa madams Lel is a young lady of years 25 - 30, with the claim for independence, the employee of office consuming Cosmopolitan and a disco - a house. I even am ready to believe that similar persons really listen at a leisure to an album Dzhaga - dzhaga . Only speak to nobody about it. Here and on a concert in Russia they have not come. Probably, despite all efforts of mister Fadeeva and Katya`s other powerful patrons, capital pi - hey, from personal assistent as now politely name the former secretaries, all - taki believe that to go on Katya Lel is not abruptly . However, it concerns the spoilt Moscow young ladies, in regions, is assured, halls on Dzhaga - dzhaga some public of the most different grade will burst.
and in Moscow, judging by a concert, Katya`s main audience - small children. They dragged the heaviest bouquets on a scene, they are the most active kolbasilis in passes. It was especially amusing to observe it during number Musi - pusi the video series to which is solved in acid to graphic stylistics, and a huge camomile and a horsy - godzilla, dancing with Katya as if are thrown on a scene from psychodelic cartoon films of Hajao of Miyazaki. And here it seemed to me that Max all - taki has a little gone too far.