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To Moscow have delivered Rolls - Royces

Behind them the turn

In the Historical museum within the limits of an exposition " was already built; 100 years of Rolls-Royce the head of association Musa Motors Boris Teterev has given a reception, on which has presented to visitors new model of Rolls-Royce Phantom, and also rare Rolls - the Royce on which there went Vladimir Ilich Lenin. As declare in Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow company, it is necessary to consider this action as the official beginning of sales of Rolls-Royce in Russia. From the Historical museum - ALAIN`S observer - ANTONOVA.
Who sells in Moscow of Rolls-Royce? - this question was discussed in a capital secular party during couple of weeks till the evening in the Historical museum. Hearings as if it is company Mercury which sells Bentley went. But ten days before in Davos the head of company Musa Motors Boris Teterev has rigidly cleared a situation, having appeared on a resort on Rolls-Royce Phantom. The mister the Black grouse then in Davos, taking an opportunity, has invited for the evening in Moscow many participants of economic conference of RBC and has suggested to register in Rolls-Royce purchase. As it was then found out, within last months the company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow (division Musa Motors) has already sold 6 cars and still 18 compatriots this year have chances of purchase. 24 cars in a year - such is a quota of sales of Rolls-Royce to Russia, car cost - from 512 thousand last day stay of the mister of the Black grouse in Davos malefactors protsarapali Rolls-Royce cowl a rusty nail. Attempt to find hooligans in what has not resulted - the Swiss policemen made a helpless gesture, with sympathy looking at the owner of a respectable car. In the Historical museum the Russian businessmen admired already other Rolls-Royce Phantom.
Action was not numerous. Organizers of evening have decided not to collect a floor - Moscow Therefore at a hall was present no more than two hundred visitors. People well-founded, though and not oligarchs have come: lawyers Pavel Astakhov and Alexander Dobrovinsky, the vice-president of Alpha bank Alexander Gafin, deputies of the State Duma Vladislav Tretjak and Ajrat Hajrullin, the operating director of the company the Renaissance the Capital Yury Kobaladze, zamgendirektora the companies Ingosstrah Igor Jamov, the president of the company Kazumjan Suren Kazumjan, composer Maxim Dunaevsky, the co-owner of the company DzhamilKo Amin Dzhamil, head of a network of cinemas cinema Empire Michael Feldman, the general director of airport Vnukovo Gennady Goncharov, the head of the company Don - a system Dmitry Zelenov, the head of the company Gazprominvestholding Alisher Usmanov, the president of Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunjan.
Among visitors it was possible to notice one of directors of BMW Russia of Arsene Balajana who though kept modestly, but with undisguised pride looked on exposed Rolls - Royces . The matter is that for quite some time now Rolls-Royce cars are made by concern of BMW which specially has for this purpose constructed from zero factory in the English city of Gudvud. The general director of the company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow Vagan Amichba kept not less modestly. Has arrived from London to Moscow as well the head of the company Iventika Sergey Kolushev (will organise in London Russian economic forum).
refined man`s accessories became the Theme for secular conversations at evening besides expensive cars. Many men, without arranging, have come on reception in butterflies and ties with the image of animals, fishes and insects. And in different groups of the visitors drinking champagne, it was possible to hear, as businessmen seriously discuss, whose small fish, the burro, the butterfly or other representative of fauna is better. Other theme in conversations of a steel the memoirs anyhow connected with Rolls-Royce as a symbol of success and well-being. represent, Alena when we served in London, - mister Kobaladze spoke to an observer, meaning the espionage past, - we with colleagues dreamt to rent Rolls-Royce and to approach on any important meeting on this car! It would be smart and would make then indelible impression. And now? Whom you will surprise ` Rolls - the Royce `?