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The brigade of inspectors has gathered in a colony

business of militiamen

Serovsky city court (Sverdlovsk area) the sentence has pronounced to the senior inspector of the Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Pershin who participated in murder of person on remand Edward Smoljaninova. The captain of militia have condemned for excess of powers of office.
as already wrote (number from November, 6th, 2003 see), in September, 2001 the private security squad of the city of Serova has detained in a bar Fate 28 - summer Edward Smoljaninova. The visitor of a bar has accused him of theft of a gold chain. For finding-out of circumstances of the arrested person have brought to local branch and have submitted the case an investigatory brigade into which entered Andrey Lysov, Andrey Sereda and Alexander Pershin. The arrested person refused to confess in a crime and then detectives have beaten it. Without having received recognitions and in such a way, inspectors have involved the girlfriend of mister Smoljaninova in interrogation. It too did not manage to persuade it to take the blame, and eventually militiamen have decided to simulate suicide of the suspect thus to close business. To Edward Smoljaninovu have stuck the big dose of morphine from which as has established it is judicial - medical examination, he and has died.
relatives of the arrested person about its murder have learnt only after three days. On an identification they have seen the spoilt body and have refused to believe in a suicide. Parents have addressed in city Office of Public Prosecutor with the request for excitation of criminal case upon murder of the son. However the city Office of Public Prosecutor has brought action under item 286 ( Excess of powers of office ) . It was entrusted to conduct it to the assistant to the public prosecutor of a city Vladimir Shesterovu. In the spring of last year investigation has been finished, the fault of inspectors has been confirmed. The court has sentenced Andrey Lysova to three years, and Andrey Seredu - by two years of a standard regime penal colony. The third accused, Alexander Pershin, ran directly from a court hall.
militiamen managed to catch the fugitive in the end of the last year. Past Friday the court has sentenced it to six years to one month of imprisonment in a high security colony. In conversation with the correspondent judge Raisa Zemtsov has declared that such small term has been given because the murder fact has not been proved, and some important material evidences which number included a videocassette with record of tortures, are extracted by a consequence with infringement of the established rules.
in turn, the lawyer of a family Smoljaninovyh Vladimir Mikhalev has declared that does not agree with a judgement. too soft, for murder 12 years " should give punishment; - he has noted. Now mister Mikhalev prepares the complaint in Sverdlovsk regional court.
MICHAEL - MAMMOTHS, Ekaterinburg