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The grandson for the grandfather does not answer

Petersburg and Perm were tried on to to the Mask
festival ballet

In battle for ballet the Gold mask new applicants have entered. In one program in to the New opera have been presented tantssimfonija Greatness of a universe performed by troupe of Sankt - the Petersburg conservatory and Ballet Imperial the Perm opera and ballet theatre. According to TATYANA - KUZNETSOVOJ, this evening has revealed simultaneously the leader and the outsider of competition.
before the representation beginning on a scene there was a main ballet master of theatre Sankt - the Petersburg conservatory Nikita Dolgushin. It is pathetic and quivering, as one Petersburgers are able, the national actor of the USSR has told about forthcoming event. About that tantssimfonija Feodor Lopuhova, put by it on music of the Fourth symphony of Beethoven and world renowned under books and textbooks, has been shown in 1923 in Petersburg the one and only time. That a child the great ballet master it has been trampled but to 80 - letiju from the date of the first statement it is reconstructed on records of the choreographer by its grandson, too Feodor Lopuhovym. And we are present at restoration of historical justice.
and further there was the uttermost discomfiture. It is difficult to present troupe more helpless, than collective of dear Petersburg high school. Probably, in performance professionals - dancers have been occupied not, and the future teachers and choreographers are an assumption though as - that explains vulnerability of their physical standards: knotty knees, friable stops, very heavy feet, wooden backs, hands - plavnichki. But poor students have appeared besides are extremely illiterate. Anything, except steams They did not deserve even for the most simple movements from the program of initial classes of ballet school. Unfortunate fell from two pirouettes, instead of banal rond de jambe par terre (a semicircle which the foot writes out on a floor) bashfully picked a sock a floor, could not resist on one foot in an arabesque and simply sit down in deep plie. It is a pity that professor Dolgushin could not train the wards: that a sin to conceal, in their professional unsuitable feet the shown product in any way did not pull on a masterpiece.
it is difficult to imagine, that brilliant erudite Lopuhov has composed this breaking up to adagio pieces, this anaemic ending with children`s jumps on one leg, these scanty, annoyingly repeating combinations of a pas. And hardly even 80 years ago eighteen best dancers of the Maryinsky Theater (among which there were future choreographers Balanchin and Lavrovsky and Alexander Danilov`s world star) could so to be inspired by this choreography to rehearse at night.
Justly there is a suspicion: whether corresponds shown tantssimfonija to the original of 1923? The matter is that author Lopuhov prepodrobnejshim has written down in the image this work of right after failed premiere. All 80 last years these records were very quietly stored in the Theatrical museum, have been used by Galina Dobrovolsky in its book about Feodor Lopuhove, and also the director Natalia Voskresensky three years ago reconstructing this ballet for second-rate Japanese troupe. Book descriptions and record tantssimfonii, shown by the Tokyo television, strongly differ that we have seen in to the New opera . On Japanese ballet it is easy to understand, why ballet master Lopuhova consider as the forerunner of modern neoclassics. Masterly developed composition of an adagio, unusual combinations of separate pases and the whole groups of the dancers, the syncopated movements, prompt rate of the most complicated ending - all these lines balanchinskogo style have appeared in the Soviet Russia how George Balanchin has started to put the bessjuzhetnye ballets. However Natalia Voskresensky`s impressing Japanese version - in effect, a piracy: legitimate rights for a heritage of the grandfather its grandson possesses. So Russia is doomed to see only a variant of Lopuhova - younger.
why at it such hack-work has turned out, it is not known: whether the poor conservatoire troupe could not cope with a choreography, whether the successor did not have not enough patience to decipher multipage records. But only it has arrived not on - related: its variant tantssimfonii compromises more likely, than honours memory of the grandfather - the reformer.
by contrast with Petersburgers the Perm troupe looked the sample of professionalism. It masters creativity of Balanchina for a long time and systematically, from the middle 90 - h in theatre with enviable periodicity representatives of Fund Balanchina run. One-act Ballet Imperial on music of the Second piano concert of Tchaikovsky on the Perm scene Americans Bart Cook and Maria Kalegari have transferred. George Balanchin has put this ballet in 1941 for the pupils, is urgent rekrutirovannyh on tour across the South America. Latin Americans the choreographer wanted to strike greatness of imperial classical ballet. One of most akademichnyh and simultaneously educational performances of Balanchina has turned out. Sections classical ekzersisa, modified by the great teacher - the choreographer, here are presented in the best possible way: various work of hands and the case, refinement of scenic drawing, jumps - big and small, small puantnaja technics, rotations, an adagio with plentiful supports and obvodkami.
the Perm actors have overcome balanchinskuju knowledge if not with ease, with extreme conscientiousness. Yes, prime minister Roman Geer has been clamped, nekurtuazen and the pases carried out with visible efforts. Yes, both ballerinas looked faster the Soviet honours pupils, than balanchinskimi kitties and horsies (as the founder of the American ballet) liked to classify the tonics. But their dance was fair, and easy blots like falling or the broken final pirouette could not sadden it even. And excellently schooled corps de ballet carried out the most complicated evolutions with accuracy of a clockwork. The rest was completed by Balanchin, its magnificent Ballet Imperial has been accepted on hurrah.
will predict Now a competition outcome uneasy. The favourite the Gold mask - the Light stream the Bolshoi theatre - has caught the strong contender. It is not excluded that the politically correct jury will decide to encourage qualitative work of provincial theatre as Muscovites have taken away all Masks last year.