Rus News Journal

To readers of the newspaper

Berl Lazar
the main rabbi of Russia
On freedom ladder
Since evening on April, 5th on April, 13th - Side curls, Passover.
one of key phrases Side curls - Today slaves - tomorrow free . Side curls - freedom holiday, a holiday of our clearing of slavery. A word freedom repeats on Side curls so often, more than ever.
but unless we today slaves ? The slavery institute is already abolished for a long time. The overwhelming majority of modern Jews at all does not pine in bondage, and to name their condition slavish even metaphorically - strongly to violate the truth. In ancient times or in awful years of Accident these words have been filled by sense, today it is represented lost. But we after all say words about slavery and freedom purely mechanically, without pondering upon sense. Our tradition considers it inadmissible: the Jewish texts not mantras, they should be thought over and comprehended.
- g deduces Jews from Egyptian slavery houses in desert. the slavery house - prison. But also desert with its scarcity, deprivations and troubles - too some kind of prison.
Jews were slaves to the Pharaoh. - g speaks: now you will serve Me. Used in the Torah text ivritsky a verb to serve - single-root with a noun slavery . Service Supreme is connected with performance of the precepts given to It. But precepts is just that limits freedom: the person should behave not how he wants, and as the precept demand that.
it is possible to speak about freedom of plants. Freedom of plants consists in growing, freely to realise the genetic potential. The certain structure of soil, humidity, light exposure, fluctuations of temperatures in certain limits are for this purpose necessary. Freedom of an animal - something bolshee: movement freedom, freedom of satisfaction of the instincts.
That such freedom of the person? The person - g has created from ashes terrestrial (that is from this a material from which all other beings are created), but, besides, He has inhaled a soul allocating it from all other world in the person. The material human nature needs the same freedom, as at plants and animals. But the person as the being spiritual and moral, possesses other freedom which, actually, and does of it the person. Freedom of the person is freedom from that bad, inert, routine, dark, uneducated that is in it. The person can be the slave to the destructive desires in the same way as was the slave to the Pharaoh. Throughout life the person can get used to this slavery and perceive it as natural and even the unique form of existence.
side curls forces to remember freedom even those who has forgotten about it. Every year we should leave slavery of that Pharaoh which is in us. In effect, we should do it every instant the life. When the person in slavery at the Pharaoh, it multiplies darkness. When the person serves Supreme, it multiplies light. Precepts are given for this purpose.
there is a hierarchy of light and hierarchy of freedom. If the person spiritually grows (and he is obliged to grow spiritually), it ascends from one level of freedom to another. That was one year ago freedom, should not suit us today any more because for a year we should take place the big way and see what could not see earlier; to see, how many in us remains slavery. And we want to leave it and to find freedom.
and I to all of you, more precisely, wish it all of us!