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Rectors have explained to the minister sense of a word from three letters

to Andrey Fursenko it was not pleasant to Unified State Examination
formation reform

On Saturday in Yaroslavl has passed session of council of the Russian union of rectors with participation of the minister by training and Andrey Fursenko`s science. Rectors, as well as assumed (number from April, 2nd see), explained to the minister, than uniform state examination (Unified State Examination) is bad, trying to convince mister Fursenko to refuse its carrying out. Also have, seemingly, convinced. Universal introduction of Unified State Examination since 2006 about which repeatedly spoke eks - Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov, most likely, will not be.
date of carrying out of session has coincided happy birthday the rector of the Moscow State University, the president of the Russian union of rectors Victor Sadovnichego to whom 65 years were executed. In view of that session has begun with congratulations jubiljara. The Yaroslavl governor Anatoly Lisitsyn has handed over to the rector of the Moscow State University monumental work Monasteries of the earth Yaroslavl then have passed to business.
Mister Sadovnichy has in detail stated to the new minister the vision of reforms of the higher school. we have started to lose quality of formation that was promoted also by unreasonable growth of quantity of commercial high schools, - Victor Sadovnichy has declared. - Now many countries start to doubt quality of our formation . For this reason, the rector of the Moscow State University considers, it is impossible to enter uniform state examination. it is necessary to be the accuratest, making of the decision. It is impossible to take and exclude simply dialogue of the professor with the student - Victor Sadovnichy has noticed. As the unique form of receipt in Unified State Examination high school it is unacceptable - so it is possible to lose talented youth - he has underlined. As the rector of the Moscow State University has suggested to create alternative of Unified State Examination olimpiadnyj council headed by scientists which will accept in high schools of winners of the school Olympic Games. According to mister Sadovnichego, only the Olympic Games will allow to give the permit in a science to talented schoolboys.
After long speech of mister Sadovnichego with the short note the chairman of committee on science and education of Council of federation Victor Shudegov which has caused the big revival in a hall has acted. the former government has been sent in resignation because has not executed commissions of rectors of high schools - whether for fun, whether mister Shudegov has seriously informed the new minister. Edification, obviously, has reached the addressee as Andrey Fursenko acting as trace first of all has informed that gathers properly to understand a situation . the Official should sit, listen and generalise - the new minister has explained the role. Having generalised opinions of the previous orators, mister Fursenko has informed that divides doubts of rectors concerning Unified State Examination introduction. still more recently I knew nothing about Unified State Examination, besides, that there is one more bad word from three letters, - the Minister of Education and Science admitted. - But when began to understand, has understood that Unified State Examination today - not the best variant . Nevertheless mister Fursenko has diplomatically urged heads of high schools to regard as of paramount importance not corporate interests, and interests of a society . According to the minister, formation carries out a role the social lift allowing sharply to raise the status also is the mechanism which helps to mix social classes .
Towards the end of the performance the minister managed to win definitively an arrangement of rectors. He has come up with idea which in a root disperses from a policy of its predecessor. any reform of formation should not put the overall objective fight against corruption, - mister Fursenko has declared and has caused squall of an applause. - there should be an innocence presumption . The matter is that supporters of uniform state examination consider as its radical means for eradication of bribes at receipt in high schools. The new minister has publicly expressed for the first time the relation to this thesis. correctly! - barrackings from places were distributed. When an applause has abated, the minister has added: I Think that I still will receive the for these words .