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an United Russia creates the shadow government

the Ivanovo area
the regional policy

Today the Ivanovo regional branch of party an United Russia begins formation of advisory council which will be engaged in working out of the program of improvement of a situation in region in the most different areas - from culture to power. In an United Russia do not hide that council work should help to them to increase political weight on the threshold of the governor`s elections planned for January, 2005. And local observers already name this body the alternative government of the area headed by the red governor.
for the first time about intention to create on the basis of regional branch an United Russia the secretary of the Ivanovo political council of party Andrey Nazarov has declared advisory council on otchetno - elective conference on March, 30th. Council, as he said, should offer decisions of a wide spectrum of problems of region - from formation of power tariffs before reorganisation of museum business. To embody these decisions in practice Party members plan through the representatives in various power structures, and first of all in regional Legislative Assembly where positions of United Russia party members are especially strong: 19 from 34 deputies, including speaker Pavel Konkova, enter into fraction an United Russia .
Besides, mister Nazarov counts that council work will strengthen party discipline: now the Ivanovo United Russia party members, acting in mass-media, will state not so personal point of view on a problem, and officially developed position of regional branch. That advisory council decisions were are as much as possible competent into its structure should enter not only deputies and officials, but also science officers of the Ivanovo high schools, representatives the interested organisations .
As the leader of the Ivanovo branch " has told; an United Russia advisory council - its personal invention. Now, according to mister Nazarov, the majority of imperious decisions at level of area and in the majority of municipal unions are accepted to please uzkokorporativnym to interests and many problems simply zamylivajutsja : About them at first speak, but to practical steps much, as a rule, business does not reach .
However for improvement of quality of imperious decisions council will hardly be limited to struggle. According to local observers, under the pretext of advisory council the Ivanovo United Russia party members actually create the shadow government alternative to operating regional administration led by a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Tikhonov. Andrey Nazarov in conversation with the correspondent too did not begin to hide that, creating advisory council, the party first of all strengthens the positions before governor`s elections which should pass in the Ivanovo area in January, 2005.
governor Tikhonov who perceives recently actions of the Ivanovo United Russia party members rather jealously, was sceptical about their new initiative. start up to itself create! - he has declared. - they cannot solve a problem in municipal unions which head, and on area level climb. In the same Kineshma (the mayor of this regional centre - Andrey Nazarov. - ) budget debts more than in any other city of area . However, it is necessary to notice that United Russia party members too concern municipal problems with great attention. For example, one of the official reasons of a last year`s exception from an United Russia mayor Ivanov Alexander Groshev there was a charge in Municipal economy disorder .