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President Nazarbayev has appeared the counterpart of CIA


the Beginning of loud corruption process in New York over the former adviser of the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev James Giffenom, planned for the end of the past week, is postponed to the middle of May. As it became known, the sensational recognition accused became the delay reason: it transferred to the Kazakh management of a bribe from the American oil companies with the consent of CIA. Such turn in business can seriously complicate position of president Nazarbayev.
the federal Office of Public Prosecutor of New York accuses James Giffena that it, being the intermediary in transactions with the western oil companies, has listed into accounts of the higher officials of Kazakhstan of a bribe at a rate of $78 million Process on this sensational case which has received the name Kazahgejt should begin on April, 2nd, however during the latest moment has been postponed till May, 14th. As it became known, mister Giffen has addressed to court with the statement in which has informed that it co-ordinated the actions from CIA. it was in Kazakhstan their ears and eyes - the lawyer of the accused has specified.
the startler of the former adviser of the president of Kazakhstan (with which US authorities do not hasten to confirm yet) means not only its desire to screen, but also de-facto recognition of the bribery fact by him to the Kazakh heads. And it can become the strongest lever of pressure upon Noursultan Nazarbayev from which Washington all demands observance of democratic standards more persistently.
with the next statement one of these days gosdep the USA has acted concerning new Kazakh laws on elections and mass-media which were accepted by parliament of the country and now the president should sign. gosdep the USA has declared that the law of Kazakhstan on elections does not meet the requirements of OSCE, and the law on mass-media far lags behind the international standards, and has urged Noursultan Nazarbayev to impose on them the veto. According to the international experts, the new law of Kazakhstan on elections puts the Kazakh opposition in unequal position and does not provide due control over elections, and the law on mass-media seriously limits freedom of journalists.
the statement gosdepa in Kazakhstan have already regarded as the new prevention of the USA to president Nazarbayev on purpose to push him to real democratisation of the country and clearing of political prisoners. Visited Kazakhstan in the end of November of last year the assistant to the US State Secretary on affairs of Europe and Asia Elizabeth Johns and the assistant to the state secretary under human rights of Lorn Krejner have directly declared to a management of Kazakhstan: stability in the country depends on that, parliamentary elections will be how much democratic coming in the autumn of 2004. As visit of the high-ranking officials gosdepa has coincided on time with velvet revolution in Georgia, the sense of the sent signal was more than is obvious.
today the Kazakh opposition says that, being afraid of repetition of the Georgian variant, Noursultan Nazarbayev, probably, and will dare at elections without obvious infringements, however will make everything that the main opposition parties did not participate in them - recently created people party the Democratic choice of Kazakhstan (DVK) which leader is in prison Galymzhan Zhakijanov, and the Communist Party having numerous supporters. The bases for such statements are. A management Demvybora more than once declared obstacles which repair the authorities on purpose not to admit a party registration. From its part leaders of communists have accused recently Nazarbayev`s Presidential Administration in provotsirovanii split of Communist Party to cancel its registration.
Strengthening of pressing from the USA on president Nazarbayev testifies to serious concern of Washington in a situation in Kazakhstan. Therefore, if the Kazakh authorities do not admit to elections DVK and other leading parties of opposition, the USA do not recognise such elections legitimate. And in a case if the leader of DVK Galymzhan Zhakijanov remains behind a lattice, elections too will be hardly recognised, about what representatives of the USA let know time and again to the Kazakh heads. And then Noursultan Nazarbayev`s fears about repetition possibility in Kazakhstan the Georgian variant can appear not vain. As up the time of elections Kazahgejt will be in the heat.