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In the beginning of sports career Elena Baranova played for basketball club the Builder (Frunze). The best basketball player of Europe of 1998. In 1999 the newspaper Sports - the Express train recognised as its best basketball player of Russia of the XX-th century. Elena Baranova - the unique Russian sportswoman, whose vest is hung out in the American Hall of basketball glory. The captain of Russian national team.

we Will remind, in May of last year, having won back only half of term put under the contract, Elena Baranova has informed a management of BK UGMK on the desire to leave the Ekaterinburg team. Thus she has referred to point 6. 3 contracts, according to which change of the head coach at the initiative of the employer can be the basis for cancellation of the contract from the worker . The previous head coach UGMK Vladimir Koloskov has really left the post in December, 2002. According to madam Baranovoj, it has been dismissed. However management UGMK has declared that the trainer has left the team at own will, and to release the sportswoman has refused.
despite it, Elena Baranova has left - to play in the USA club female NBA New York Liberty. BK UGMK has submitted the protest to the International federation of basketball, and that has forbidden Americans to let out Elena Baranovu on a platform as the player. After end of tournament Elena Baranova and has not returned in UGMK, instead she has put in the statement in Tushinsky court of a city of Moscow with the complaint to illegal actions of the general director of Open Society Uralelektromed (from the legal point of view all players UGMK are workers of sport club Uralelektromedi - ).
In October of last year the Tushinsky court has not satisfied the complaint of madam Baranovoj in this connection it should arrive to order UGMK and start to work. However the basketball player has decided not to come back in a command, as it at all do not arrange methods of a management and the relation to players of Shabtaja Kalmanovicha . Elena Baranova has put in the statement with the request for dismissal from sport club Uralelektromedi but the management has refused to it. After that madam Baranova has again addressed in court.
on Monday the Tushinsky court has considered Elena Baranovoj`s claim. It is remarkable that Tamara Trofimova - the judge who has refused to the basketball player half a year back presided over court. But this time the decision was not in favour of UGMK. Madam Trofimova has decided to comply Elena Baranovoj`s request for dismissal from factory Uralelektromed with debts payment under the salary since October of last year. The judge gave reason for the decision that under the labour legislation Uralelektromed has been obliged to dismiss Elena Baranovu under its statement. The given decision obliges a management of BK UGMK to agree to transition of the basketball player in other club. Most likely, it will be the Samara club VBM - SGAU - the basic contender UGMK.
At once after session of court president VBM - SGAU Sergey Smirnov has declared: I am glad that the captain of Russian national team can start to play again, as it already has an arrangement with RFB about licensing for participation in games right after judgements, without waiting possible appeals . Madam Baranova is completely satisfied by a session outcome: According to the labour contract, I am registered on the sportsman - the instructor at factory Uralelektromed and no professional sports contract at me is present. Therefore I can leave absolutely easy, as the ordinary hired worker .
the Chairman of board of directors of BK UGMK Shabtaj Kalmanovich has declared yesterday that does not agree with such decision and considers that it was accepted under pressure from power structures. during a break on a court building has approached black Volga with ministerial numbers. There was a young man and has gone to the chairman, it having presented by the Assistant Secretary of justice - has told to the correspondent Shabtaj Kalmanovich. In the near future mister Kalmanovich intends to challenge the decision of appeal instance in city court of Moscow.