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The historical background

the Koryak autonomous region became the first region of Russia which was headed by the woman: in November, 1996 governor`s elections has won the chairman of the Kamchatka regional election committee of Valentine Bronevich (with 1987 for 1991 - the head of Koryak district executive committee), won the operating head of district of Sergey Leushkina appointed to this post president Boris Yeltsin in 1991. However in December, 2000 madam Bronevich has lost the next governor`s elections, having conceded in the first round of 17 % of voices to the general director main bjudzhetoobrazujushchego the enterprises of district of Joint-Stock Company Korjakgeoldobycha to Vladimir Loginov.
the term of appointment of mister Loginov expired only in December, 2004, but the district thought under its initiative has combined governor`s elections with the presidential. The head of district has explained it aspiration to save budgetary funds and that December - not the best time for elections on weather and economic conditions. However, the elections of Legislative Assembly of district appointed to December have not been transferred. District attorney Boris Chuev and the mayor of Palana Yury Hnaev became the main competitors of the governor.
Before elections the public prosecutor has created many problems to the competitors. In January the district Office of Public Prosecutor has accused the authorities Korjakii of failure of northern delivery and has filed criminal charges upon no-purpose use of 334 million rbl. In district administration searches and seizure of documents have been spent. Against mayor Hnaeva criminal case on charge in abusing powers of office also has been brought and a negligence - the consequence has revealed infringements of the financial reporting, caused the damage to city budget at a rate of 250 thousand rbl. on registration by the candidate to the mayor should be submitted Documents from a temporary detention facility. Nevertheless in the first round which has passed on March, 14th, the first place was occupied with Vladimir Loginov who has typed 37,5 % of voices. Boris Chuev became the second from 18 % of voices.