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The Moscow elite have collected in Shanghai quarter

to smell the French life

At restaurant Vertinsky there has passed presentation of new aroma Le baisier du dragon ( the Kiss of a dragon ) From the French firm Cartier. But it was only formal occasion to a meeting of the Moscow elite. Ladies in pearls and a boa have come to dance foxtrots and a Charleston on a retroparty.
some days before a secular reception sovladelitsa restaurant Svetlana Bondarchuk rang round the invited: I Beg! Dress - a code! At us retroevening! The thirtieth years, Shanghai! unique whom had not time to warn, there was patron of art Alimzhan Tohtahunov. It has come in jeans and suede trenche. Having seen ladies in silks and pearls, authoritative the businessman was confused. Ksenja Sobchak has invited me, and about clothes has told nothing! And what at you here - sale? - it has taken an interest, having seen bottles with new aroma. at us presentation Cartier and a party in style of the thirtieth! - Svetlana Bondarchuk has explained. as it is inconvenient, I not so look - Alimzhan Tohtahunov and, to great affliction of owners was upset, has left restaurant.
Visitors among whom have been noticed writer Marina Judenich, the editor-in-chief of magazine Harper ` s Bazaar by Shahri Amirhanova, the operating director of the company Space - Gold Julia Kosovan, the co-owner of a boutique Soho Alexander Bichin, producer Alexander Tsekalo, actor Andrey Rudensky, TV presenters Ekaterina Andreeva, Julia Bordovsky and Irma Ignatov with the husband businessman Denis Novikovym, have listened to a short greeting of director Cartier International of Jean Alain Brenaka then have given due to kitchen Vertinsky .
Banker Alexander Gafin told Muratu Charyevu, to the president of the company neftegazstroj that some years ago his wife Irina the first in Russia opened boutique Cartier. The organizer Rublevsky derbi businessman Sergey Klyuyev invited visitors to it to jumps. Victualer Stepan Mikhalkov long communicated with the vice-president of Rosbank Dmitry Zhurom and vitse - the speaker of the Moscow thought Oleg Bocharovym. By them the blonde of a modelling kind has defiled. last year`s Loran! Here is how it is dangerous to buy such things - all know and behind the back laugh! - has bitten, looking at it, the spouse eks - the Minister for Foreign Affairs Elena Kozyreva. In the middle of evening there was an adviser of the president Sergey Yastrzhembsky with the new spouse. He was surprised a little, having seen kostjumirovannyh visitors, but victualer Alexander Smelyansky has explained all to it.
dances became the highlight of the program. According to visitors, foxtrots and a Charleston is best went right to Andrey Kozyrevu and TV presenter Andrey Razbashu. But in slow dances was not equal to head Bosco di Ciliegi to Michael Kusnirovichu. It with spouse Ekaterina Moiseevoj wrote out such figures that visitors have parted and have released space for its ball pirouettes.
Towards the end of evening from TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze there has arrived the tall brunette with application from glass crystals and pastes on the left shoulder of a sweater and issinja - a black shiner. Showman Feodor Bondarchuk, actress Oksana Fandera, TV presenter Nastja Chuhraj and producer Stepan Poljansky threw puzzled looks on neformatnogo the visitor. By the end of evening there was imperceptibly businessman Rustam Tariko and too with curiosity vozzrilsja on a black eye men with kamenjami .
Also the not courtois behaviour allocated the gentleman whom two weeks ago on Ferrari party - Maserati was presented to the correspondent as the reindeer breeder owning half of Yakutia . It that approached to Andrey Kozyrevu and named it Andryushka kissed eminent visitors and frankly considered statnuju the mistress of restaurant Mario Tatyana Kurbatsky. Thus mister Kozyrev the reindeer breeder Did not know, and other visitors refused flatly to name his name. the reindeer breeder has noticed interest to the person and has silently whispered on an ear to the correspondent: Many knowledge multiplies grieves. Colds too all the nobility wanted, and where it now? And on ` the gelding ` Grachev I go now, by the way! unfortunately, and on this evening secret the reindeer breeder remained unsolved.