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Zavarushka in desert

Gold of Bahrain was won by Michael Schumacher
the Formula - 1

Michael Schumacher has written down two more records into the account. In - the first, he has won Gran - at Bahrain, than any other racer cannot brag. Simply because yesterday this stage has passed for the first time. In - the second, for the German it already 73 - I a victory in career and the third successively in the present championship. And in this sense it too out of competition.
as a whole debut Gran - at Bahrain has gone right. Contrary to fears, a line constructed in the middle of desert, did not fall asleep sand, cars and people have not fused from exhausting heat, spectators have seen struggle. And if also it seemed to someone that the intrigue was not any, it by a carelessness. It was necessary to look narrowly simply better.
here, for example, leader McLaren of Kimi Rajkkonen persistently butted with Christian Klinom from Jordan. vitse - the world champion in this epic opposition was on the ball, safely reflecting swoops of the debutant Formulas - 1 . Perhaps the persistent Finn even would win fight and has taken, say, the tenth place, but struggle continuation was not included into motor Mercedes plans. Where - that on the eighth circle it, having got a false idea itself the rocket accelerator, has given out the most powerful pillar of fire. The engine has died from such revaluation of own forces. And Kimi Rajkkonen as it seemed, was not upset at all. And after all truth of anything especial does not happen: the motor by its car burns already the third race in succession so he for certain has had time to get used.
Ralf Schumacher too struggled. In sparring - partners it managed Takuma Sato. They fought nicely - that turn, with an intrigue. Takuma Sato directs the BAR that to the left to the right, trying to bypass the German. Ralf Schumacher answers, does not start up. In general, resists desperately. As a result all it has bothered the Japanese, and it in full conformity with customs of the kamikaze has simply rammed forward wheel Williams of the opponent. It is as a result white - the dark blue car departs from a line to take sandy baths, BAR, appeared armour under control of the resolute Japanese it is carried away forward. And Ralf Schumacher is dragged in boksy, comes back to a line the last and then painfully tries to squeeze out of this race though something. It has almost turned out - the seventh place.
or here to take Juan Pablo Montojju. He too wanted to struggle. And even it is known with whom - with the second number of Ferrari Rubens Barrichello. Directly behind it it also stood on a starting field. However, here any struggle did not leave. The Brazilian has perfidiously left from the Colombian, having left that to swallow of a dust.
but on it frustration for mister Montoji have not ended. That a victory it not to see, he has understood quickly enough. And easy went to itself the third, anticipating, probably as will ascend to a podium as with ecstasy will spray any fruit shipuchku, acting on Islamic Gran - at as replacement to a firm drink of winners Formulas - 1 - to champagne as will go on a press - conference where once again will tell about what titanic work was done by its command and will predict naprjazhennejshuju struggle in following stages. And then something happens with car. What exactly, is for certain not known. Whether the engine zabarahlil, whether to a transmission has bothered to be switched. Anyhow, and in the end of race Williams of Juan Pablo Montoji moved on a line as - that limping . And the only thing that remains to the Colombian, - to look at how it is bypassed one after another by ten cars. As a result it reaches finish 13 - m, with backlog from the leader on a circle, throws the car directly behind finishing line and goes to sort out relations with the mechanics.
and still there was David Coulthard. And he too struggled. Not with someone from other racers, and with the car. For the time being it was possible to skilled Scot to force McLaren to go the. But also he not the wizard - on 51 - m circle McLaren has told resolute is not present . In boksy and attempt of attendants to reanimate the car has given nothing emergency arrival. a silver arrow has got under way was from boksov but only shamefully to rise through some tens metres. By the way, for all race three cars have descended only. Besides two McLaren it also Minardi Zholta Baumgartnera who simply under the status should break.
and what Michael Schumacher? He too, probably, struggled - with boredom. Both it has left from start by the first, and went in itself. At the very end of race, having been tired of loneliness, the German has admitted closely true oruzhenostsa Rubens Barrichello, before invariably keeping aloof ten seconds. And can, not from boredom, and for appearance. Effectively to put an end in Gran - at Bahrain. And to fans Scuderias for certain it was pleasant, as brightly red two Ferraris almost have simultaneously crossed a finishing line.