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Megaregulators and megadestroyers

administrative reform
signed by Michael Fradkov on April, 9th the governmental decree regulating activity of Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR) Yesterday is dispatched. This authority have knowingly christened a financial megaregulator: he, in - the first, is subordinated the prime minister - to the minister, and in - the second, supervises to begin with the financial markets, and in the long term as its head Oleg Vjugin does not exclude, business can reach and bank control.
nevertheless the megaregulator remains federal service, that is carries out functions on control and supervision in the financial markets . Till now all goes in full conformity with a principle of administrative reform - division of such state functions, as an establishment of rules and control over their application by different enforcement authorities not dependent from each other. But in point 5 of the same decision it is said that FSFR Develops projects of legislative and other standard legal certificates . Infringements of a principle of division of state functions are not present, because working out of projects of legal certificates is yet acceptance. It remains for pravoustanavlivajushchim body, in this case behind the government. But to be kept on this line it was possible not to all updated enforcement authorities. How they destroy administrative reform, read on p. 20.