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Wednesday, on April, 14th
Today the Moon forms harmonious aspects with Plutonom, the Sun and Merkuriem, and Venus is in the conflict to Jupiter. This aspect usually does not bring the big troubles, he only warns us against excessive hobby for luxury, gluttony, and at psychological level - from the raised ambitions, ambition and laziness.
harmonious lunar aspects create favorable conditions for business. If now all - taki it is not necessary to begin new affairs (wait even a week) in earlier begun work advancement forward is possible. It is possible to carry out the current monetary operations which have been not calculated on the future profit.
today it is possible to start on the journey. It concerns business trips, but for distant tourist travel yet time.
in private life, family relations day favorable enough. It is possible to make household purchases. And here in love behave more modestly, on much do not count.
For employment by art day not too perspective. In sports life the situation is slightly better.
suitable day for meetings with friends, adherents.
for health a situation safe. Feet and vessels are a little vulnerable, pressure increase is possible.
emergencies are improbable. But it is necessary to consider that the middle of April as a whole is astable and potentially dangerous, especially in crisis regions of the world.
Arieses will become successful, if unite efforts with friends and colleagues. Pay attention to new hobbies.
Tauruses will face complexities in dialogue with the heads, study and trips. Do not spend many forces.
twins can succeed in trips, business and friendly dialogue, study and work with the information. Teamwork is even more effective.
cancers can settle questions of financial partnership. Favorable day in private life, for deepening of relations.
lions should not count on social recognition and loud success. Give the initiative to partners. Suitable day for study.
maidens can improve the health if will be engaged in it. Successful day for daily work, labour relations.
scales are waited by good luck in sports, art and dialogue with children. Avoid liderskih ambitions and moralizatorstva.
At Scorpions favorable day for domesticities and small business. It is possible to improve a state of health.
Sagittariuses can perform a lot of small work, solve collected questions. But do not aspire to order anybody.
Capricorns can make small purchases for the house. Visit the senior relatives. It is possible to be engaged in technics repair.
Aquarius can establish or strengthen business relations, successfully work with the information, make short trips.
fishes realise some of the secret plans and desires. Successful day for work in sphere of mysticism, esoterics.

Thursday, on April, 15th
this day intense aspects prevail. In the morning the Moon incorporates to Uranium. In the evening it in disharmony with Jupiter and Venus. And only Saturn forms favorable aspects with the Sun and the Moon.
at such arrangement of heavenly bodies to avoid troubles restraint, a responsible approach to any affairs will help only. Carefully prepare any action.
it is possible to perform necessary work with documents, except for the beginning of new affairs and creation of new structures. Suitable time for scientific researches and calculations.
in business careful strategy is preferable. Recession, a failure of separate quotations are possible.
Trips are connected with certain risk. Supernumerary situations in aircraft are possible. Breakdown susceptibility on motor transport will raise. And simple delays will be much everywhere.
This day is not so successful for employment by art and an aesthetics. Including for purchases in this sphere. It is possible to work with technics, but strictly observing instructions and safety rules. In the field of sports choose safe kinds.
in personal relations the situation is astable. Conflicts and disappointments are possible. Serious steps are better while for postponing.
in an organism feet are vulnerable, nervous and vascular systems, are possible infringements of a metabolism and hormonal frustration.
emergencies are possible: technogenic failures, terrorism, armed conflicts and fires. Including to Russia, the USA, in the Near East, in Pakistan and the Central Asia, in Korea and China.
Arieses should be careful in the conditions of an information lack. Avoid secret intrigues. It will be especially dangerous at night.
at Tauruses complexities in dialogue of any sort are possible. It is not necessary to make precipitate purchases. Do not enter ideological disputes.
twins should not provoke aggression. Do not argue with representatives of the power and in general catch sight to them less.
cancers can receive unexpected new knowledge. Be more careful with flights. Evening is adverse for high life and entertainments.
lions can be a success in scientific and accounting work, in building. In personal relations and entertainments the situation is more difficult.
maidens will meet unexpectedness in mutual relations. Successfully there will be a daily work. But do not count on bright success.
scales can normally be engaged in the work. It is necessary to pay attention and to health. Unsuccessful day for trips and entertainments.
Scorpions can face unexpectedness in love and dialogue with children. It is difficult to find mutual understanding in ideological and financial spheres.
Sagittariuses should be ready to unexpected situations in domesticities, family relations and at the reference with technics.
Capricorns can find the approach to men of weight. Suitable day for business dialogue, information interchange, study.
Aquarius should mean possibility of sudden change of a situation in monetary area. Evening does not approach for entertainments.
fishes will face emotional situations, positive and negative. Difficult day in love. Dangers at night are possible.