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In Tbilisi discuss destiny of the Russian bases
Yesterday in Tbilisi there has arrived the Russian expert group led by the special envoy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia the Lion Mironov. The Russian delegation into which structure enter both diplomats, and experts of the top skills, intends to renew with the Georgian colleagues negotiations about destiny of the Russian military bases in Georgia. It is a question of performance of the Istanbul agreement from November, 1999 about a conclusion of two southern Russian military groupings from Ahalkalaki and Batumi. In 1999 it has been defined that about terms of their conclusion of the party will agree till the end of 2001, but it was not possible to make it, as Russia demands, that for a conclusion of military men 11 years have been taken away, and Georgia insists on three-year term. Since then periodic meetings and negotiations have not resulted in any results. However, recently, being in Moscow, the Minister of Defence of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvili has told that Georgia does not wish to be the hostage of these arrangements and wants to search for new approaches for a solution of a problem on a bilateral favourable basis. It is not excluded that the Georgian party in conclusion terms is ready to go on certain compromises not to fuel tension with Russia. Consultations will last two days. From the Georgian party the delegation of similar level into which enter as diplomats at level of the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Meraba Antadze, and experts of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence will participate in them.

Richard Chejni has arrived to the Peoples Republic of China
Yesterday the vice-president of the USA Richard Chejni, having finished visit to Japan, has arrived to the Peoples Republic of China. During a meeting with the vice-president of the Peoples Republic of China Tszen Tsihunom mister Chejni has declared that the USA do not support independence of Taiwan. Thus he has noticed that Washington opposes unilateral actions any of the parties directed on change of a situation in Taiwan strait, dividing continental China and island Taiwan.
besides the Taiwan theme mister Chejni can lift a problem of the North Korean nuclear program in Beijing. According to experts, it is expected that the vice-president of the USA can share with the Chinese management of the certain military information received by CIA. Meanwhile it is not excluded that the statement which has sounded yesterday of the father of the Pakistan nuclear bomb of Abdul Kadir of the Khan can bring in them some corrective amendments. The scientist whom accused of transfer of the Pakistan nuclear technologies to the North Korea, has told yesterday that during visiting of this country five years ago it has visited at confidential underground factory and saw there three fighting nuclear devices. However, it is impossible to exclude, experts consider that North Korean colleagues have shown to the mister to the Khan not the present fighting charges, and their models.

Alexander Lukashenko was coded
Yesterday the president of Belarus has signed the decree about the statement of the list of the data making the state secret, having increased number of categories of secret in 11 times. Though the decree notices that reference to the state secret of Belarus of the concrete data entering into categories listed in the decree, is carried out in an order established by acts, in the Belarus conditions all becomes a secret. As the oppositional deputy of parliament general Valery Frolov, " has declared to the correspondent; at all of us turns to one of mechanisms that something to black out or on someone to drive, namely on those people who do not agree with an official policy of the authorities . To the Belarus ministries it is released three months on studying of 87 points of the list of categories of state secret and the statement of own lists. Therefore it is not excluded that the privacy scale still will increase.