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the Founder of a bossa nova will play it in Moscow
Today in 20. 00 in Le club - the first of three Moscow concerts of pianist Zhoao Donato. The Brazilian who is considered on a level with Zhoao Zhilberto and Carlos Zhobimom to one of inventors of a bossa nova, will please admirers with the classical products. Fans of a jazz who cannot get into club, have chance to listen to the legendary musician in Galina Vishnevskaya Center and in the Big hall of conservatory accordingly on April, 16th and 17.

Ancient Greeks have appeared Japanese
Theatre School of drama art Anatoly Vasileva shows new work of the head. The tireless experimenter has put the Song twenty third from an Illiada the Homere. Speech in it goes about funeral of Patrokla. Trojans and ahejtsy are dressed in industrial clothes of fighters at - shu, the chorus sings homeric hexameters on Vladimir Martynova`s music against an antique portico, and in a role of aged man Nestora the Altay expert on throat singing of Nogon Shumarov is the soloist.