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It seems, there is some similarity meanwhile, as the main and at the same time least registered hero of the new novel of Lyudmila Ulitsky Sincerely your Shurik it is obedient and with detachment serves the women, and how itself belletristka Lyudmila Ulitsky satisfies inquiries of audience which can be defined as the readers who have overcome Dontsovu with inquiries . The writer invariably chooses a theme, is absolute overcome close as though before it social monitoring spent. And where now you will find those writers that will to take safely in heroes new people ? What there new ! But for lack of ideas our writers have really become skilled in household descriptions. In present our life the question on the relation of art to the validity dares unequivocally: it is necessary to give the new validity - there will be also a new literature.
All perfectly know these sincerely our Shurikov that Lyudmila Ulitsky describes. After all the women strung on one man`s destiny, obviously it is more. Such men as Shurik, is convenient and composite: they reliably fasten chapters - stories about different heroines. The quantity of stories can be infinite. Here Shurik Korn has managed to stick together plots about the emancipated grandmother, sensitive mum, charming first love, the sensual first mistress, the fictitious wife, the fictitious daughter, simply persuasive fan and persuasive in every respect the fan - the suicide. And so on - still variety different persevering and easily appeased.
it is clear that such obveshannyj women the man can finish only grotesque. However, the similar grotesque is cinematic more likely - to remember fellinievskogo the director from " enough; 8 1/ 2 or oltmenovskogo the stirred up gynecologist. But also literary Shurik too manages to be at the end of the resources. From it and so all week is painted (to whom of a medicine to buy, at whom cats to feed, whom to look after), but it finds in the ending of the novel still adventures - already in the form of any fantastic pljushkinskoj grandmas. But, unlike filmstars, at Shurika all it turns out not too cheerfully to what he, apparently, has reconciled. However Lyudmila Ulitsky reconciles not at once. She takes great pain though as - that to transform platitude of life - for example, at the expense of language, all - taki it the writer. For example, that does Shurik to the women, here is called to render sexual respect . But, unfortunately, it is a little such lexical finds: the same comparison with the butterfly hatching from a doll in the text repeats twice. And a key image, such, as, for example, Tatyana`s words about Onegine whether a parody it here too not the most brilliant. The first love of Shurika from which it as if Romeos with Juliette, have separated for a long time, after many years it appears in transit in Moscow. Now Juliette names the Romeo full mudakom - really the word is found?
at Alexander Kabakova with symbols always all was as it should be: in the end of 1980 - h became winged its word the defector . In the new novel All is reparable the name - already philosophical concept. However a new main word here parodijno in relation to the old. The protagonist of the novel Michael Leonidovich Saltykov - vyzhivlenets . He so ridiculously, but it is exact translates an English word survivor : I have spent all life for surviving, and have survived, and now to me late to change principles .
to the Author this vyzhivlenets not that that is very nice, however it patiently, step by step, writes out chronicles this private life. If there are the events sated with children`s opening and not children`s tragedies 1930 - e, rough young 1950 - 1960 - e, on them paints are not sorry. If there is nothing in monotonous 1990 - h, are described aritmii and sleeplessnesses then the narration goes down on brakes. The hero builds the life by a principle of the least resistance, therefore it at first goes to a science, that where it is not so much opening and breaks, and where grants and foreign conferences. At such physicists instead of lyrics - hobby for foreign hotels and studio. Then by the same principle the hero smoothly flows in business. While therefrom it it is not pushed out quicker young partners, at what instead of taste to studio and hotels the love to bank accounts has developed only.
the author promises not to throw the hero and really accompanies it through all epoch. Politely so, under lokotok, brings mister Saltykova directly to a porch final Houses for aged . The lonely hero regrets that could not get though any banal and trite house scandals: nevertheless would be more cheerful. But his wife who has beautifully grown old as Katrin Deneuve, does not talk to it, and the son and the daughter-in-law - just from those young that boringly live happily and even it is beautiful to suffer are not able.
to not nice hero the writer receives some for the fidelity of cards - blansh. It excitedly writes out a historical background of each episode, basically it is fabrics, breeds and styles. all is reparable - also tremendous history of a suit. From the first youthful dreams of the hero ( he saw itself(himself) in is grey - a blue suit as at uncle Petja, Nina in krepdeshinovom a dress with a wide skirt, they go on platform of Kursk station in Moscow, in a hand at the Bear the black varnished suitcase with yellow leather edgings on edges ) Through employment fartsovkoj for the love of a genre to an embodiment of all desires in the form of the clothes filled by shirts sewed in London and suits. Let the protagonist - the person - the invisible being. But so will be more visible its smart prikid.
Lyudmila Ulitsky. Sincerely your Shurik. M: eksmo, 2004
Alexander Kabakov. All is reparable. M: Vagrius, 2004