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Officials win administrative reform


From the White house there are last governmental orders, signed the prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov in which functions of the new ministries, services and agencies are painted. At an uninitiated sight - the most boring documents. But actually in them, instead of among the ministries or zamministrov the maintenance of administrative reform is concluded. NIKOLAY - VARDUL was not too lazy to read all it and has seen that no administrative reform is present and in pomine.

is clear that any official never will start to do anything, yet will not see the document regulating its duties. Now, after almost two months from the beginning of recutting of the government, such documents have appeared much. The official should at last - to start that to work, and as promised, on - new. Here only reading of these documents convinces of the return. However, to read them it is possible on - to a miscellaneous: It is possible to be convinced, what real estate has got to this or that department; it is possible to see, how many in it it will appear chinovnogo ljuda. But if reorganisation passes under the flag of administrative reform and means its acceleration, it is reasonable to compare those principles for the sake of which reform was started, that has turned out actually.
as well as it was promised, federal enforcement authorities make now three floors: the ministries, services and agencies. But this unique promise which reformers have constrained. In decisions leaving signed by Michael Fradkov there is almost lost an initial principle of division of authorities on the specified floors. When you start to read any document registering powers of department, there it is correctly written that the ministry is a body pravoustanavlivajushchy, that is forming game rules on the site of the market entrusted to its guardianship; Service - kontrolno - supervising body, and agency - body pravoprimenitelnyj, specialising on granting of state services. But it only in the first lines. Hardly it appears more low that this division is not observed at all. The ministries supervise kontrolno - supervising services. Services not only supervise and supervise, as are carried out established by the ministries, the government and the rule law, but also apply for licensing and even on the edition of individual legal certificates . In this ignoble employment services are echoed also by agencies (inquiries on how the ministries, services and agencies break an initial principle of administrative reform see, reserving superfluous state functions). It turns out that division of functions on floors of authorities has not occurred.
It is asked: and where administrative reform? Dmitry Kozak, its recognised architect, answers this question in not to a children`s manner peculiar to it, referring that at once it is impossible to make all, besides strict cultivation of state functions will result, as he is afraid, to uncontrolled expansion of number of institutes of the power. Last argument does not maintain criticism. To make supervising services or agencies really independent, they absolutely unessentially should be arranged under the branch ministries, and it was possible to integrate and reduce in the limited number of departments.
if someone considers that divorce fuktsy and, accordingly, departments - excessive inconvenience for the official, the main thing - let it, the official, works is better, this deep error. To the official, really, it is more convenient to work, when he one hand establishes rules, and another - supervises, as they are carried out. It will work only on - former on itself(himself), and administrative reform should force to work it on the employer - the tax bearer. It is clear that one repartition fuktsy between officials of it not to achieve - the special regulations are required also, allowing to supervise its daily work, and allocation from the official weight of those who actually makes important decisions for business and first of all is worthy essential increase in the salary, - but without division of state functions on departments independent from each other decision-making in a state machinery remains opaque and corruption.

to Tell that no reform has occurred, clearly, it is impossible. Reformers have shaken up the government. There were ministries which never was - for example earlier, the industry and power. The ministries which seemed absolutely necessary, - for example, under taxes and tax collections have disappeared. It is confirmed uniform and accurate, as the guard duty charter, structure of a management of federal enforcement authorities from the government to last, fourteenth ministry: one head with two zamami. And at Michael Fradkov only it is formal zam one - Alexander Zhukov. Hardly now someone doubts that is real in the White house the triumvirate - Michael Fradkov, Alexander Zhukov and Dmitry Kozak (about what has written still on March, 10th) corrects. So uniformity full, extended and on presidential administration. Ministers of the presidential block continue to resist only, but the Ministry of Justice is already ready to be reduced and rise in the general system.
but it at all that administrative reform which waited. It is its noisy and, we will remind, the pre-election imitation starting from unexpected dismissal of Michael Kasyanov. Sense not in smart uniformity of the updated departments and at all in reduction of officials. By the way, reduction of the official livestock is some kind of the state populism. As the pre-election slogan is sounds fine, but on a dale of officials of federal level in other population Russia lags behind both the USA, and from Europe.

With that that while administrative reform, to put it mildly, was not set, agree and in the White house. The high-ranking governmental source has confirmed that a present variant of reform - some kind of a draught copy. It will copy, but slowly . It is already discussed how to return kontrolno - to supervising services independence. On a question, as in the government concern the offer of a member of bureau RSPP of Alexander Shokhin, which at a meeting of members of the union with the prime minister has stated idea to use obligatory May reassignment of the government to result the last in conformity with principles of administrative reform, the answer has followed not so such unequivocal. The weight of compliments has been stated mister Shokhin, but it became clear that to recognise the committed errors in the White house do not hurry up. Because to share with somebody laurels (let while and rather impaired a little) administrative reformers do not gather. Moreover, about any transfer of a part kontrolno - supervising functions to business (and such offers were at were vitse - prime minister Boris Alyoshin) in Fradkov`s office any more do not tell.
on the contrary, the rate becomes on monopolism of separate departments and even separate officials in carrying out of a policy which will affect all society. If to address, for example, to the governmental decree devoted to powers of the Ministry of economic development and trade (MERT) the impression that is made at such ministry the government already superfluous. Under modest 22 - m point in the list of powers simply, simply it is written down that MERT is responsible state regulation in economy And under 25 - m - for state regulation of the prices (tariffs) . If to add that the platform for discussion of ideas and offers of the same MERT is sharply limited in connection with reduction of the governmental commissions the risk of errors grows. This risk in the White house while prefer not to notice. So, the mentioned high-ranking official considers, for example, that for the future tax reforms the deputy minister of the finance Sergey Shatalov will answer personally. It and was earlier a key figure in working out of the governmental plans of tax reform, but nobody considered, what exactly its word the last and the most odious ideas of this official managed to be beaten off till now (for example, spetsscheta the VAT). If decision-making monopolisation in the government is and to accrue further the filter against excesses in the person vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov can appear insufficient. Therefore the earlier administrative reformers will remember harm of monopolisation in general and monopolisation of political decisions from actually uncontrolled officials in particular, the better.