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Accused on business Parmalat will slowly judge

Court has rejected the request of Office of Public Prosecutor for the accelerated procedure
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Yesterday Milan court has rejected the request of Office of Public Prosecutor for that litigation within the limits of investigation of financial infringements in the Italian dairy giant Parmalat occurred on the accelerated procedure. The court has considered insufficient the arguments presented by Office of Public Prosecutor and will conduct proceeding under the standard scheme.
we will remind that 29 persons appear in criminal case about theft almost 14 mlrd from accounts of Italian dairy company Parmalat (among them 65 - summer founder Parmalat Finanziaria of Kalisto Tantsi, the former financial director Fausto Ton and the former councillors of directors), and also auditor companies Deloitte both Touche and Grant Thornton and Bank of America (wrote about it on March, 19th).
On Wednesday the judge of Milan court where the city Office of Public Prosecutor with the request for consideration of criminal case within the limits of investigation of theft of company`s resources Parmalat on March, 17th has addressed, has passed the decision according to which concerning 32 accused the accelerated procedure of court will not be spent.
the Office of Public Prosecutor insisted on a choice of such procedure. The accelerated procedure excludes a stage of preliminary hearings that considerably reduces litigation on time. According to the Italian laws, the public prosecutor can demand carrying out of the accelerated court if it has the proofs testifying to necessity of it. However the court has considered that it is not enough proofs presented by Office of Public Prosecutor.
If the court has accepted the request the Offices of Public Prosecutor accused on business Parmalat could appear in a court hall in April. However now preliminary hearings can be stretched for years - the Italian system of justice is known for the sluggishness.