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Krajsovet has obeyed the new governor

and has left the old speaker
the regional policy

Yesterday in Barnaul organizational session of council of People`s Deputies of Altay territory which new structure has been selected on March, 14th has taken place. The leader Altay left Alexander Nazarchuk, in due time got support of new governor Michael Evdokimova became the speaker of regional parliament in the third time.
the First after elections of new structure krajsoveta to deputies managed to be spent organizational session only from the third attempt. At first session on which it was supposed to select the chairman, its assistants and heads of committees, has been appointed to March, 30th. However action should be cancelled from - for absence of quorum: 25 deputies from an United Russia and their supporters were not on session, having expressed disagreement with date of its carrying out. The chairman krajsoveta, the leader left Alexander Nazarchuk has appointed repeated session to April, 1st, but representatives an United Russia again have ignored its decision, insisting that session should pass after the second round of governor`s elections appointed for April, 4th. The United Russia party members supporting on elections eks - the governor of edge Alexander Surikova, have been absolutely assured of its victory and counted on mutual support in struggle for an armchair of the speaker. However election on a post of the head of edge of variety actor Michael Evdokimova has spoilt United Russia party members all game.
contrary to fears left, yesterday United Russia party members nevertheless have arrived on session (from 62 deputies selected on March, 14th was present 61). Session was opened by the oldest deputy krajsoveta 68 - the summer director of regional State Unitary Enterprise Industrial Vitaly Moiseyev. Mister Moiseyev entering during time of election campaign in the first three of leaders of the party list an United Russia Has to begin with paid attention gathered for complexity of an economic situation in edge and has reminded deputies of personal responsibility before voters.
then governor Evdokimov who has congratulated deputies on an initiative has acted and has wished, that legislative and executive power cooperation in edge has born the fruits in the future. Besides, the governor has shared impressions of week stay in Moscow (on session it has arrived directly from the airport): I have fruitfully communicated in many offices to many people. I want to tell that the relation to us very positive. Not to me, and in general, thank God . Finishing the performance, mister Evdokimov has made an unexpected announcement: Here Alexander Grigorevicha Nazarchuka`s nominee was discussed. I ask you it to support .
Alexander Nazarchuk has promised not to work so that to belittle deputies depending on their political views . The candidate on a post of the speaker from an United Russia which name till last moment was stored in a secret, there was a head of the Altay branch of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation, in the past Komsomol leader Boris Trofimov. Addressing to deputies, he admitted that the tribune of the chairman krajsoveta did not dream it and in dreadful dreams, however it has ventured this step for the good of voters.
following the results of ballot the victory was gained by the operating speaker krajsoveta. Alexander Nazarchuka 36 deputies at a necessary minimum in 35 voices, and mister Trofimova - only have supported 24 members of parliament.
after that Michael Evdokimov, heat having kissed the winner, has left, obviously happy with the debut in parliament. With election of the speaker pressure at session slept. United Russia party members have agreed with the majority of offers of mister Nazarchuka under the regulations and structure krajsoveta, and vitse - by the speaker the colleague of mister Nazarchuka Boris Larin holding this post and in council of last convocation has been selected.