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If the task in view to dig out - will dig out

the Governor of Kamchatka MICHAEL MASHKOVTSEV in interview to MARIA`S correspondent - nechiporuk has declared that the Office of Public Prosecutor is going to bring against its the third criminal case which, as well as previous, has the purpose not to admit its re-election.
- than criminal cases which are raised against you by the Kamchatka Office of Public Prosecutor are caused?
- In December, 2004 I am going to be put forward for the second governor`s term. If did not gather - there would be no criminal cases. And all know what to win elections against me it is impossible by fair means, pressure therefore has begun.
- before voters it is necessary to justify?
- With criminal case on no-purpose use of means for fuel purchase (it is raised in October, 2003. - ) Office of Public Prosecutor it was a little bit easier. Ordinary citizens not begin to understand that there was for no-purpose use. All is clear: The governor has spent for something 140 million roubles. Sometimes it is possible to remind people: a pier, in your area in 2002 the heat supply was on the verge of failure, and then all was normalised. People remember. And so I have bought this fuel, from the point of view of Office of Public Prosecutor, not on that money. And that money which in Office of Public Prosecutor consider correct then was not and could not be.
and as to fish business... In 2002 there were very big approaches both gorbushi, and nerki, and kizhucha, and even chavychi which any more is not for a long time an industrial kind. But that year the minister of natural resources has co-ordinated with the government an interdiction of regulation of the general admissible ulova on places. Have spent the commission on emergency situations which has confirmed that a situation extreme. Then I have published the order - to catch. Has there and then informed the prime minister, the president, Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. And all these decisions were co-ordinated with the prosecutor of the region. He has told: Yes, I will be compelled to take out the protest, but I have ten days, that its tax, at you - ten days that on it to react. Let fishermen catch. Today many ask to public prosecutors a question: and why you waited for one and a half year, instead of at once have brought action? Answer any bosh, like that they dived into the rivers and a berry considered.
one year ago the same inspector who now runs business, has informed me on refusal in criminal case excitation in connection with absence of structure of a crime. And now we come back to with what have begun. As it is necessary to clear away places for going on elections, for those candidates to whom the Office of Public Prosecutor wants to help.
- know, who is interested in your criminal prosecution?
- Certainly! I will not name now a surname of on whom regional public prosecutor Voitovich works. Pressure was put upon me within three last years by some representatives who have imperious powers and not having formally any own fish affairs, however some fishing companies directly interested in success. Also I will fairly tell: pressure such strong that I have been compelled to throw up to these firms something, but in those reasonable limits that me have not accused of lobbying. Tried, that of me have got rid, something potrafit. This year the situation has radically changed, the new fish concept is accepted. Quotas distribute in Moscow, and some firms would like to receive much more. I will not name even these firms: I will leave this stone in the bosom.
- possibilities to resist to Office of Public Prosecutor at you are?
- Certainly. All lawyers who got acquainted with this business, unanimously speak: here there is no structure of a crime. And any judicial prospect. But it under condition of the fair approach. Otherwise with me it is possible to make anything you like. Now on me collect materials for excitation of the third business. Have already demanded from regional administration to give any documents. On character of these documents I see that I will be accused of illegal subsidising of electrotariffs for the enterprises. There is a governmental order from 2000, resolving to grant grants for the electric power to the industrial consumers which production has especially great value, and this year the public prosecutor declares that we have no right to grant to a grant to agriculture, schools, hospitals, children`s homes, social shelters, housing - to municipal services. And it already materials for the third business. If the problem is put before the person to dig out - means, will dig out.