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61 year to the president of Academy of the Russian art, pianist Nikolay Petrov
It Today is executed the composer congratulates Tihon Hrennikov:
- to Kohl Petrov I know from it, it is possible to tell, the earliest youth. I always watched closely its creativity and professional growth, and to me it is very joyful that it became the outstanding Russian pianist. My friend Jacob Zak was its teacher, I loved Jacob, and then my sympathy was threw and on its talented pupil. To me it is pleasant that life If it was developed so widely and brightly. It is one of the brightest Russian pianists and art workers. I wish it the further development and the statement of as outstanding artist of Russia, and health for this purpose is necessary, let it will be. I wish happy birthday!

47 years to the head of the Russian national orchestra, pianist Michael Pletnev
It Today are executed the director of the State museum of the fine arts of a name of A.S.Pushkin Irina Antonova congratulates:
- Michael Pletnev - a great name of the Russian pianistic culture. When he plays at us, it always the big day in a museum. Michael Vasilevich has started to take part in ours December evenings under Svjatoslava Richter`s invitation. To soon ours to Evenings 25 years will be executed, and we do not think of them already without Michael Pletnev`s participation. It the surprising person, is absolutely alien vanities, is improbable samouglublen. It the universal artist absolutely concentrated to creativity. I congratulate in the warmest image dear Michael Vasilevicha and very much I hope for our further meetings on December evenings .
the Heading is conducted by OKSANA - ALEKSEEVA