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To Alexey Pitchugin have defined term

To court it there is no a pre-trial detention centre
YUKOS business

Yesterday Basmanny Court of Moscow once again has prolonged term of holding in custody of the employee of security service NK Alexey Pitchugin`s YUKOS - till June, 19th, having satisfied the petition of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Protection intends to appeal against against a judgement. Today the court will consider the sanction concerning assumed podelnika mister Pitchugin Alexey Peshkuna.
4 - go department of service of internal and economic safety NK the YUKOS to Alexey Pitchugin is incriminated to the Chief the organisation of murder of spouses Sergey and Olga Gorinyh in Tambov in 2002 and attempts at murder of the chief of management on public relations and the information policy of the mayoralty of Moscow of Olga Kostinoj and the employee Rosproma Sergey Kolesov in 1998. Alexey Pitchugin has been detained on June, 19th, 2003 and since then is in a pre-trial detention centre. On January, 26th the State Office of Public Prosecutor has finished preliminary investigation on business, now the accused gets acquainted with materials.
this time hearings actually were opened. In a boardroom judge Vera Pilganova has started up native Alexey Pitchugin - mother, the wife, 20 - the summer elder son (an average, 12 - summer, truth, from a hall have deduced) and other relatives. And to TV reporters with chambers even have allowed to come into a court corridor (as the judge has mentioned, that did not say that at us ` basmannoe justice ` ) . Alexey Pitchugin`s protection has straight off declared, as usual, tap to the representative of charge to public prosecutor Valery Lahtinu. The judge of more hour considered the petition, but as a result has refused.
then with the petition the public prosecutor has acted. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has asked court to prolong term of holding in custody to Alexey Pitchugin for two months - till June, 19th. We will remind that last time court prolonged this term on February, 12th, and arrest of mister Pitchugin expires on April, 19th. Mister Lahtin has presented the medical documents confirming that Alexey Pitchugin can be in custody on a state of health, and the schedule of acquaintance of the person on remand with business: according to the investigation, the protection party does not study third more has put. By the way, on court from this schedule lawyers have learnt that in business is 33 - j volume. Defenders have made the protest in this connection and at once have declared that will make the complaint concerning a current situation.
the State Office of Public Prosecutor explained Necessity of prolongation of term the same motives, as last time: protection and the person on remand should finish acquaintance with business, and Alexey Pitchugin`s clearing from - under guards can to prevent a true establishment as it, according to the investigation, can disappear and put pressure upon witnesses.
lawyers have again declared that Alexey Pitchugin is innocent also business has custom-made character. the State Office of Public Prosecutor has presented to court ` the bases for term prolongation `, - Tatyana Akimtseva has informed the lawyer. - But in this folder was not neither proofs, nor indications of witnesses, victims and examinations to which the public prosecutor in court referred. By the way, we are revolted that the representative of charge operates with words ` is guilty `, ` has made ` and so on, after all the court over Alexey yet was not . Defenders on - former insisted on clearing of the employee of YUKOS from - under guards under a subscription about nevyezde or under monetary pledge, having reminded court of an ill health of the client. Alexey Pitchugin also has declared that is innocent. Besides, business has accepted in general absurd character: till now our cassation on the previous, February decision of Basmanny Court on prolongation of terms of arrest is not considered, and the question on new prolongation of these terms is already solved! - lawyer Oleg Solovev has declared.
by the way, lawyers also have reminded court that their complaint is redirected to Basmanny Court from Tver on inactivity of public prosecutor Vladimir Ustinova which they have submitted about one month back. According to lawyers, the public prosecutor, which and bears responsibility for performance of the problems assigned to bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor Despite their numerous complaints (in particular, on application to mister Pitchugin of unlawful methods of conducting a consequence and about a worsening state of his health), has not accepted any real actions for consideration of these references.
having listened to the parties, the judge has left from a hall. The decision has been announced in three hours: court, having satisfied the petition of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, has left Alexey Pitchugin under arrest till June, 19th. all of us is simple in shock, - has declared lawyer Akimtseva. - Native Alexey are very upset. It is necessary to hope that at least the court over Alexey will be fair if also it is not - I do not know, about what also to speak . Protection will appeal against against a judgement. Thus, according to defenders, in June business can be directed to court.
Today Basmanny Court will consider the same petition of the State Office of Public Prosecutor for prolongation of terms of holding in custody concerning Alexey Peshkuna, the inhabitant of Tambov who appeared in the beginning in Alexey Pitchugin`s business as the main witness, and now became the second accused on business. It passed the witness on the incriminated Alexey Pitchugin to an episode with murder of spouses of Gorinyh, itself went under summonses on interrogations from Tambov to Moscow, and by autumn of last year has been arrested. To mister Peshkunu incriminate intermediary at negotiations about an attack on the employee Rosproma Kolesov and Olga Kostin. In the beginning to Alexey Peshkunu have allocated the lawyer from Basmannoj of lawyer office (we will remind, in the same office lawyer Oveshnikova which have invited works to fulfil duties of defender Leonid Nevzlina), but in December, 2003 native the person on remand have addressed to the Tambov lawyer Ljubovi Togushovoj (as she said, on it there is a pressure, it in the veiled form was offered to refuse business conducting). Alexey Peshkun the same as also mister Pitchugin, the fault in crimes incriminated to it does not recognise.