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Language will finish to London

“ In this world “ Michael Uinterbottoma display of the British films in Moscow
finishes festival cinema

Today an evening session at a cinema “ Art “ the Moscow program of festival " will crown; New British cinema “: most known of festival films - " will be as the curtain fell shown; In this world “ (In This World), awarded “ the Golden Bear “ on a last year`s Berlin film festival. As the picture and has not found the Russian distributor, today`s display can appear last chance to look at it in Russia. Whether it is necessary to use it, LYDIA - MASLOV has reflected.
“ in this world “ - some kind of a semidocumentary prequel, background in relation to such fiction films, as “ the East is the East “ (East is East), “ Play as Bekhem “ (Bend It Like Beckham) and similar “ Anita and I “ (Anita and Me), included in the program of present festival and contemplating a problem of assimilation of the Asian emigrants in Great Britain in a little touching key. Michael Uinterbottoma`s film without any affection shows, how, actually, all these pakistantsy, Hindus and - in this case - Afghans get to London and that it (or to their parents) it is necessary to take out, before their contacts to indigenous population and the European culture become a material for good-natured comedies.
if potential emigrants watched such film, possibly, in any moments they could use it as the visual aid: how to reach from Pakistan English capital without any visas and documents in the way a little different from a self-locking device. The chronology and topography are fixed punctually, and sometimes the account goes at all for days, and on hours, and the route is marked by a red line on a special card. In February, 2002 teenager Dzhamal assuring subsequently that to it sixteen, and its relative is more senior start from camp of the Afghani refugees in Pakistan. To reach the Iranian border, they should cross Afghanistan and for this purpose to bribe the patrolman searching their truck. “ what for you have given it my player? “ - the senior, not managed so quickly to orient as malchonka, seen that is better to lose a player, than some days expostulates the younger traveller. After that episode for destiny of Dzhamala you worry already essentially less as he, unlike the adult partner, speaks on - anglijski.
Having paid services of the conductor forwarding through border, wanderers get to Iran, but, having spent there days ten, appear are sent back in Afgan after persistent altercations with the next representative of bodies of the law and order, got to the core of them in the bus: “ I think, all of you - taki Afghans “. - “ Yes is not present, any we not Afghans “. But any there Iranian postovym purposeful Afghans all the same not pereuprjamit: though money at all of them has selected, they take out from a boot zanykannye dollars and again address besides to a conductor. The second attempt appears more successful, and, having made a respite in Teheran, refugees undertake a march - a throw to Turkey mountain goat tracks. Then “ In this world “ starts to remind a little bit “ the Witch from Blair “: as transition occurs at night, the manual digital chamber does not show anything, except bluish grain and silhouettes creeping on snow. And here already on April, 29th infringers of several borders sit in Istanbul shalmane and listen to cheerful Turkish music. Then, to earn additionally on the further road, are attached to grind something iron, and at leisure drive on streets empty plastic bottles and eat kebaby on Taksime. It is rather cloudless part of a narration, at once for which the director inserts the most terrible: together with other refugees (the husband, the wife and the baby) heroes spend forty hours per hold of any ship following to Trieste and when the container with them at last unpack, live find out only the baby and Dzhamala. (Speak, Uinterbottoma has inspired a tragical case with Chineses, too here so going a hare in the cargo container and choked under La - Manshem).
without having reacted In any way to  destruction of the fellow traveller, Dzhamal on the autopilot continues a way: perekantovavshis couple of weeks in Trieste, steals in cafe a handbag with money, buys the ticket to Paris, and soon on a card there is a certain settlement on coast La - Mansha and date “ on June, 6th, 2002 “. In local camp for illegal immigrants the hero who already repeatedly has shown keenness and skill to communicate, gets the new friend together with whom they overcome La - Mansh, having clung to the bottom of a cargo waggon. After that Dzhamalu it is necessary to call only from London to the relatives who have remained in Pakistan and on a question on its companion to inform: “ It any more in this world “. In a final episode the hero prays in a mosque, having joined such blessing of the western civilisation, as a T-shirt “ Levi Strauss “. And even titr from which follows that have refused to real-life Dzhamalu a political asylum and have allowed to remain in England only to 18 - letija, cannot shake confidence that England has got the new permanent resident. To come back back, having overcome so a thorny road (moreover and becoming the hero of a film), would be from its party nonsense. Though why to it it was not sat on a place, in a film accurately does not speak, and the preface about the Afghans who have run away at first from the Soviet intervention, and then from the American bombardments, all - taki does not throw light on that, what for heroes has incurred to London. Whether absence of political problems, whether passionless documentation of intonation, whether impossibility to get into thoughts of characters, but oddly “ In this world “ reminds absolutely differently the French documentary film removed and bearing absolutely another mood “ Birds “ (Le Peuple migrateur). In a picture of Uinterbottoma too it is felt zavorozhennost, truth not natural, but the social phenomenon - instinctive migrations of people on one it to known routes with only it known and not always accurately realised purposes, but attracting so strongly what stops this movement the death can only.