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Chelsea has left champion race


Chelsea has missed chance to revive an intrigue in the English championship, having lost on Monday in the next round Aston Villa 2:3. Now Arsenal to it obviously not to catch up. Moreover, Chelsea that will keep already obviously, uneasy even the second place - chances on silver at Manchester United at least is not worse.
Sunday drawn game Arsenal with Newcastle has presented Chelsea chance to come nearer to the leader on such distance, with which gold it not seems unattainable any more. Londoners have not used chance. Trainer Chelsea of Klaudio Raneri has a little surprised, having let out in a starting lineup at once eight new in comparison with Saturday game against Middlesbrough (it has ended in a draw - 0:0) football players. Calculation that fresh reservists run across birmingemtsev, however, has not justified.
though the beginning of a match for Chelsea was good: Ernan Krespo has finished a ball in a grid after blow of Adriana Mutu. But here good continuation on left. In the end of the first time of Mario Melhiot sfolil in penal, and Aston Villa to a penalty of an abacus has made even. After a break Thomas Hittslshperger distant blow has deduced birmingemtsev forward, and Whether soon Hendri has punished Chelsea for confusion in defence. Already during compensated time of Ernan Krespo has scored the second goal, but help Londoners it could not.
champion race in the prime minister - league, thus, it is actually finished. Chelsea lags behind from Arsenal for five matches till the end of the championship on seven points. And at poverzhennyh last week in League of champions of fellow countrymen - Londoners also game in a stock. Such separation hardly probable it is possible to hope to make up, as ascertained on Monday Klaudio Raneri. Now Chelsea cruel struggle with Manchester United to which Roman Abramovich`s club was made even on the lost points, for the second place is necessary.
Meanwhile the English press has informed that for today at Klaudio Raneri and its agent John Smith the meeting with chief executive Chelsea, the right hand of mister Abramovich in all football questions is appointed by Peter Kenonom. Mister Raneri from comments concerning that, this conversation what for is necessary, has refused. But it is easy to guess that the further work of the Italian expert in club becomes its basic theme.
the British mass-media assume that Peter Kenon will present Klaudio Raneri with a fait accompli: if in this season any trophy is not won, the trainer should retire. The trophy at present Chelsea can win only one - a cup for a victory in League of champions. So the most important matches for Klaudio Raneri now, probably, not in national superiority, and in a semi-final of the main European tournament - with Monaco.
If with the champion in England it is possible to consider an intrigue settled fight for the fourth place granting the right to participate in following draw of League of champions, on Monday has become aggravated. Has become aggravated thanking Liverpool, unexpectedly lost houses Charlton and to allowed contender - together with Newcastle - to overtake itself. And besides it trios have not left hopes to get to the four neither Birmingham, nor Middlesbrough, Fulham.