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Special services will be responsible for all

George Bush conclusions on acts of terrorism on September, 11th already has made

Yesterday in the USA the next two-day session of the commission on investigation of acts of terrorism on September, 11th which should find out has begun why America has appeared is not ready to an attack of terrorists. For the actions during session the public prosecutor of the USA John Eshkroft, its predecessor Janet Rino, the head of CIA George Tenet, the former heads of FBI will report to committee-men Luis Fri and Thomas Pikard and present agency head Robert Muller. US president George Bush has decided to play on an advancing: without waiting commission conclusions about activity of special services, he declared that CIA and FBI will be anyway reformed.
performance before the commission has turned for representatives of the American administration to a heavy duty on which execution depend not only ratings of the president and destiny of administration, but also the future of officials. Addressing to the commission last week Condoleeza Rice, the adviser of the president for national safety, for the general opinion, has managed to beat off the sharpest attacks to administration. However the determination of committee-men to get to the truth did not become less. Moreover, at them appears more and more suspicions that the tragedy could be prevented. So, in a power past week-end have declassified the prospecting memorandum from August, 6th, 2001 in which it was informed that terrorists Al - Kaidy prepare in the USA captures of passenger planes and look narrowly at the big federal buildings in New York. The public prosecutor of the USA John Eshkroft to whom at participants of investigation many questions have collected became the main invited star of yesterday.
the main charge to mister Eshkrofta consists in the following: under the information available for committee-men, before acts of terrorism on September, 11th it did not consider terrorism as important threat of safety of the USA. As critics of mister Eshkrofta mark, after acts of terrorism it has proved the ruthless fighter with terrorism and the consecutive supporter of the law on restriction of a civil freedom and the rights of immigrants (the so-called Patriotic certificate) who causes protests of legal experts. However, according to at the disposal of a consequence to documents, within 2001 employees of FBI expressed time and again concern insufficient, in their opinion, attention of the public prosecutor to a terrorism problem.
so, for example, eks - the head of antiterrorist department of FBI Dale Watson has declared to the colleagues in March, 2001 that has not fallen nearly from a chair when has learnt: in let out in the spring minjustom the document for internal using fight against terrorism has not been mentioned among priorities for employees. In August, a month before acts of terrorism, mister Eshkroft has refused to confirm a number of the new antiterrorist programs presented by agency. Besides, remains not clear why in the summer of 2001 John Eshkroft has suddenly ceased to fly on working affairs by regular flights of the American airlines and began to use special plane of FBI Gulfstream 5 (which has been got earlier by agency for transportation of especially dangerous criminals).
However, John Eshkroft denies the fault, asserting, as well as all other high-ranking employees of administration that FBI spoke about terrorist threat in general, but speech did not go about inevitable act of terrorism. he again and again asked, whether there are certificates of preparation of act of terrorism in the USA, and it again and again was answered that such threat is not present - has declared on the threshold of session a press - the secretary of mister Eshkrofta Mark Korallo. And from August, 6th nobody showed the memorandum to the public prosecutor. As to the plane, how mister Eshkroft speaks, it used Gulfstream 5 of the reasons of the safety which in any way have been not connected with Al - Kaidoj Also took it only when the plane was not used for the designated purpose.
besides John Eshkrofta on Tuesday the commission has heard its predecessor Janet Rino, and also the former heads of FBI of Luis Fri and Thomas Pikarda (the present head of FBI Robert Muller and the head of CIA George Tenet will act on Wednesday). A consequence questions of antiterrorist activity minjusta and FBI before coming to power of their present heads interested. In the report presented during session it is noticed that the agency was not ready to prevent acts of terrorism as at it were possibilities for gathering of the prospecting information and the strategic analysis are limited, and also the potential for information interchange " is limited;.
Meanwhile US president George Bush has decided to intercept the initiative at the commission. Acting on Monday before journalists, he has declared that without dependence from conclusions of the investigation of CIA and FBI will be anyway reformed. In the USA the new special service - agency of internal security like British MI - 5 which will be urged to protect Americans from repetition of bloody acts of terrorism can be created. Thereby the president has clearly let know, who will be declared by guilty of inability of the USA to prevent acts of terrorism on September, 11th. Similar precedent already was, when responsibility for absence in Iraq weapons of mass destruction has been assigned to CIA. For pre-election campaign there is important other moment: whether conclusions of the commission will coincide with conclusions of the president.