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the third world war " Has begun;

In the State Duma have talked about fight against terrorism

Yesterday in the State Duma have passed parliamentary hearings on problems of legislative maintenance of fight against terrorism. Deputies, agents of national security and officials tried to find out that such terrorism why it has appeared and that it is necessary to make for more effective struggle against it. During three-hour discussion it was found out that on one of these questions it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. YURY`S reporting - CHERNEGI.
- the XXI-st century Beginning is noted by a serious aggravation of problems of fight against terrorism, - has declared, opening the hearings, the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Ljubov Sliska. - But to count only on reprisals it is impossible. It how to assimilate drunk which searches for hours under a lantern because there it is light!
war with terrorism, according to madam Sliski, is first of all war for hearts and minds .
- It would be desirable to remind that we participate today in very straight talk, the request not to hesitate, - has concluded vitse - the speaker.
- that such today terrorism? - Without hesitating, has begun the report the head of the Duma committee of safety Vladimir Vasilev ( an United Russia ) . - Here in the Tver region where I was selected, this problem is not present - people do not understand that such terrorism. But at the same time there there are such objects...
however which it is objects, mister Vasilev has not specified, having limited to contradiction ascertaining between presence of objects and misunderstanding of people. Concerning the terrorism reasons, the lecturer has informed that basically it is claims of external forces to Russia.
- in the world the double standard continues to remain, - the deputy has complained. - the act of terrorism made in the West, is a criminal offence, and made in Russia - struggle of insurgents for independence... The USA use fight against terrorism as a screen for achievement of the geopolitical interests!
then mister Vasilev has paid special attention on propagation in violence mass-media as means of the decision of all problems . In its opinion, for last 15 years the whole generation which was in many respects generated on similar installations has already grown that also creates soil for terrorism.
- we have faced today a new call to mankind, - has continued thought of the previous orator the vice-president of committee on safety Anatoly Kulikov ( an United Russia ) . - It agree with those who says that the third world war has begun.
according to mister Kulikova, the most actual and essential problem is creation of system of counteraction to terrorism . For this purpose he has suggested to enter in one or two areas where there is a terrorist threat, state of emergency faster to stabilise conditions.
Zamgenprokurora Sabir Kehlerov did not begin to dramatize a situation and has tried to calm participants of hearings, having declared that in process of country transition to stable life the terrorism will lose soil. But its subsequent offers were not so co-ordinated with this encouraging thesis.
- experience of the developed democracies shows that after September, 11th in the USA the most powerful ministry with the budget of $38 mlrd is created and 196 thousand employees, - the public prosecutor has pensively informed. - you know those draconian measures which there are applied concerning the persons suspected of terrorism.
According to mister Kehlerova, our country should expand application of the international experience in this area. In particular, has ripened necessity to look narrowly at operating time FATF (the international group on struggle against money-laundering) on confiscation of the property acquired by a criminal way. They concern introductions of a presumption of guilt accused which should prove that its property is got not by a criminal way. After these words of halls has slightly strained.
is international experience, - has unperturbably continued zamgenprokurora. - In Italy, for example, the court looks: here the salary for a year, for five years, and here property. If the sizes do not coincide - prove legality.
the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on struggle against the organised crime Nikolay Ovchinnikov has informed that in 2003 in Russia 561 act of terrorism that on 55,8 % more than a year before is made. From them in Southern federal district - 530 (94,5 %), including 492 - in the Chechen Republic. For a year 3644 explosives and 103 tons of explosives and their components are withdrawn. The militiaman was added with the deputy of the State Duma Andrey Golovatjuk (LDPR) which have informed that since March, 19th, 1999 when there was an explosion in the central market of Vladikavkaz (50 victims), before explosion in the Moscow underground on February, 6th, 2004 (39 victims) victims of terrorism became more than 700 persons.
deputy Igor Barinov ( an United Russia ) Has remembered mass media, which frequently poorly represent, in what consequences results their activity .
- Shamil Basayev was Whom? It built cowsheds with the brothers, - the deputy has explained. - and thanks to mass-media it has turned almost to the national hero! Geroizirovat it is necessary not an image of the insurgent, and an image of the law enforcement officer and the soldier of federal forces!
- let`s be defined, with what terrorists it is necessary to struggle, - the deputy from the Chechen Republic Ahmar Zavgaev (" has decided to place points over i; an United Russia ) . - Today we reap the fruits of that has been put 15 years ago. In 1991 when rebels have seized power in the Chechen Republic and have started to destroy law enforcement bodies, the federal centre has withdrawn from this problem. And till today any person financing terrorists and patronising them, is not made answerable though many of them sit in Moscow. And Shamil Basayev - a pawn, it anybody!
having settled the agenda, participants of hearings have accepted recommendations for the president, the State Dumas, the governments and mass-media. To the first have suggested to show the initiative on creation of effective political system of counteraction to terrorism, and with the last - to occupy an active position on to creation of antiterrorist front, education of the population in the spirit of vigilance and to education of participation of each citizen to fight against terrorism and extremism .