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The jury has given simple answers to simple questions

awards the Gold mask

The day before yesterday in the Bolshoi theatre there has passed a festival closing ceremony the Gold mask with rewarding of winners of a season 2002/ 03 years (see from April, 13th). All interested persons could look at its reduced variant last night on RTR channel. Behind a shot there was TATYANA`S comment - KUZNETSOVOJ.
Knowing structure of musical jury, the correspondent on a competition course the Gold mask has unmistakably foreseen its results. Judges was 12, from them two (Michael Lavrovsky and Andris Liepa) - ballet professionals quite conservative views. Four (including chairman Vladimir Urin, director Muzteatra Stanislavsky and the organizer of one of the most representative Moscow festivals contemporary dance) are not by hearsay familiar with modern dance. The others (operno - art people) in the field of movement real babies. They liked be pleasant or thing is serene - traditional, or temperamental and bright.
in section Modern dance works was only two - both considerable and strong, but extremely contrast. In to Spring sacred put by Frenchman Rezhisom Obadja in Russian chamber ballet Moscow it is heart-rending plastajutsja actors under Stravinsky`s violent peals. On a huge metal wall from seminude bodies are built effektnejshie bas-reliefs, the sand scattered on a scene, kartinno sticks round a sweaty human flesh - the neophyte will not notice neither failures in a composition, nor banality of idea when him so take by the throat.
a victim aggressive Spring one of Tatyana Baganovoj`s the best performances, " has fallen; Flights during tea drinking shown Ekaterinburg Provincial dances . This imperceptibly thin performance your correspondent looked and reviewed at least three times - and in all cases came off second-best: to transfer its difficult metaphorical system and sad charm and could not. What to say about the unfortunate judges, not got used to that in ballet smoke, stir, eat grapes and thoughtfully loaf on a scene under elegichnuju a reflexion of a violoncello of the unknown person at us composer Chris Lankastera. flights have been doomed.
with the present ballet too all was clear. From four nominees Perm and Moscow have appeared real applicants only. The Novosibirsk restored Quixote has danced not very well, Sankt - the Petersburg conservatory and at all oprostovolosilas with doubtful tantssimfoniej Greatness of a universe . The Perm opera and ballet theatre which has shown classical ballet by Balanchina right after of failure performance of Petersburgers, has won ahead of schedule: a real holiday of soul looked its harmonous, perfectly rehearsed Ballet imperial . the Mask permjakam has extracted corps de ballet: the soloist was frankly weak, ballerinas seemed simply fair hard workers. But the jury did not penetrate into such subtleties: magic weaving balanchinskoj classics have easily won violent splashes actor`s and baletmejsterskogo the hooliganisms shown by the Bolshoi theatre in the Light stream .
This nail of the Moscow ballet season without awards, naturally, did not remain. But here there is some incongruity. To everyone it is clear that to bring into the world a new qualitative product where more difficultly, than to renew the masterpiece checked up by time. However exclusives in separate competition you will not allocate - there are seasons when they simply are not present. And though choreographer Balanchin like is non-comparable to the choreographer the Ratmansky, best ballet master last is recognised - not to give the Mask to the late classic. Advantages the Light stream as entertainment performance of jury indirectly recognised, having given actor`s Masks to executors of leading roles of Maria Aleksandrovoj and Sergey Filinu. Spetspriz jury has got also to Gennady Yanin who has danced the Accordion player. It is necessary to tell that the bit part actor Yanin (in combination managing ballet troupe Big) has played where more convincingly, than prime minister Sergey Filin - main. But at judges, possibly, has worked a reflex: main - means the best .
With this award at ceremony there was a discomfiture: Nikolay Tsiskaridze declaring winners, has opened an envelope and has proclaimed the winner of mister Yanin. After a while the jury has handed over to it spetspriz. And through a half-hour from - for side scenes the general director " has jumped out; Gold mask Edward Bojakov and, having referred to excitement of mister Tsiskaridze, has corrected it an error naming Sergey Filina`s winner. Mister Tsiskaridze swore a lobby that a name has read correctly. Whether there was it an ominous intrigue or a banal overlay, and remains secret. Winner Sergey Filin, however, has not had time to be fidgety: during ceremony it went on tour behind ocean.