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In Moscow Ibragim Ferrer
a concert a platform

It seems that Moscow has acted has received at its concerts an annual dose of positive concert emotions and healthy sexual energy. More live and bright visits BORIS - DRUMS has not found anything in the schedule of foreign guest performers.
Ibragim Ferrer could not sing at all. To step on the stage Variety theatre, to bow, break the put dose of an applause and to leave spectators on care of the orchestra. Or could, as Sezarija Evora in Olympic to arrange a type concert ... And friends . When to you seventy seven and you the person - history, public will forgive you all. Ibragim Ferrer became a world star in seventy, before having lived the big and sated life in native Cuba. And after seventy, that is after the records which have glorified it within the limits of project Buena Vista Social Club, has had time to go round the whole world, to become a part of the multimedia project of Damon Albarna Gorillaz, and the songs to earn Grammy. Basically seigneur Ferrer - a ready museum piece and to sing to it it is not too necessary.
that has occurred at Variety theatre, has surpassed all most courageous expectations. Should tell that else during yesterday`s interview to Ibragimom Ferrerom it became definitively clear to me that this grandfather will be pozhivee many young. Its ability to chatter so that the scared translator hardly was in time behind thought, talent to arrange from each phrase performance and to enter for the least thing skirmish with an environment amazed imagination.
the concert has appeared any session of mass improvement. From the first notes taken by an orchestra under the direction of trombonista Demetrio Mjuiza, it became clear that to us have brought the present, big, odorous piece of Cuba. Concerning skill of instrumentalists I can quote only confused records in own notebook: an ingenious saxophone - the tenor ... the fantastic pianist ... outstanding advantages bek - the vocalist ...
Ibragim Ferrer has stepped on the stage in a white double-breasted suit with a white tie, a black shirt and a kepi and varnish sharp-nosed shoes. All concert the old man did not cease to move. He sang, spoke much, gesticulated, hopped, jumped, manipulated a microphonic rack, almost as real fate - the vocalist, it was in constant dialogue with musicians, and it was absolutely not clear, where the next remark from a song comes to an end and cheerful friendly skirmish begins. The scenic equipment solved in the spirit of the advanced technologies, allowed musicians to give vent to a motility put in the Cuban music. Plasticity even the most elderly participants of an orchestra can be envied only. Seigneur Ferrer uses ear monitors, therefore the proscenium has been released from these bulky black boxes, always disturbing to musicians to disperse with might and main, and the singer moved from one stage edge to another, scattering air kisses and welcoming the Cuban diaspora which was in theatre, seemingly, with its full complement, despite cost of tickets (the place in the forefront an orchestra costed 9800 rbl.) . In the middle of a concert have remembered died participant Buena Vista Social Club of Rubena Gonzalesa, the play memory of it was played by Roberto Fonseka. 29 - the summer pianist has shown any unattainable level of skill, spectators did not trust the ears literally, in the face of the miracle of jazz improvisation in frameworks afro - the Cuban rhythmics was born. After it solo, as well as after individual numbers of all soloists of an orchestra, it would be desirable to run there and then in shop for CD.
it is visible, only the price of tickets dictating a certain manner of behaviour, kept spectators breaking into a dance from the first songs. But when peremptory gesture seigneur Ferrer has called on a proscenium bek - vocalist Idaniju Valdes, public as if has broken loose. The young singer personifies all those qualities of the Cuban woman which dement the men flied to Havana from all over the world. Seigneur Valdes simultaneously sang and rotated all parts of a body, showing phenomenal feeling of a rhythm (Idanija - the daughter of the drummer), magnificent plastic arts and the wild sexual attractiveness peculiar to the best actresses of the Havana cabaret Tropikana . Dancing in deeply low-necked brjuchnom a suit of colour of coffee with milk, frostily smiling, Idanija got a man`s part of audience more purely any Moscow striptizershi.
Musicians have finished a concert of songs of Ibragima Ferrera Boquinene have said goodbye, public has howled, and the orchestra had even to increase an encore in comparison with other concerts of tour Buenos Hermanos. Seigneur Ferrer has sung at parting two songs from the first album Buena Vista Social Club - Dos Gardenias and Candela . When last has turned already to any never-ending Caribbean dancing meditation, there was a main thing. Obeying an iron will of a rhythm, men from a diplomatic corps dumped strict jackets and were started up, the hall space how much allowed, in a point - mambu with young journalists, on persons the surprised expression was combined with happy smiles, girls easily answered casually thrown sights. Perhaps, in it the main focus of any talented music consists - to force public to cease to look at a scene and to pay at last attention to the one who nearby.