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The ballerina has deprived of the designer of a good name

to Anastasia Volochkova

Yesterday one more claim Is submitted to October federal court of Petersburg one more claim to ballerina Anastasia Volochkova (earlier four claims have already been submitted to Dzerzhinsky federal court of Petersburg, see from April, 3rd) has arrived. As well as previous, the claim is connected with the Petersburg apartment of the ballerina. This time the claims to it were shown the designer by Elena Kostin who demands from the actress $1 million In case of satisfaction of the claims Kostin`s madam promises to transfer all money to the Bolshoi theatre that its management could pay the claims shown to it by the ballerina.
we will remind, as scandal round the Petersburg apartment of madam Volochkovoj developed. In the end of the last year four design firms occupied by furnish of apartment of the ballerina in the Italian street, have submitted claims to Dzerzhinsky court. According to representatives of claimants, the dancer has not paid to firms in total $76 thousand Simultaneously with giving of claims applicants have asked court to seize apartment and property of the ballerina. The court has imposed arrest, but execute its decision court enforcement officers could not: in their apartment have not started up. On April, 2nd the court has satisfied the claim of one of design firms, Borej - a techno having obliged madam Volochkovu to pay to firm of 1,84 million rbl. for the established chandeliers and a sconce (see from April, 3rd).
the New coil of scandal round Anastasia Volochkova`s apartment was initiated the designer by Elena Kostin who has developed the sketches of an interior taken as a principle design - the project of dwelling of the dancer. In October, 2001 Kostin`s madam among other set dressers has been invited in office the Baltic building company - St.-Petersburg - for participation in competition on dressing of an interior of apartment of madam Volochkovoj. Elena Kostinoj`s project has been approved by the customer and accepted to execution. In turn, the designer has asked to conclude with it the contract on rendering of services, however it and has not been made: according to madam Kostinoj, Anastasia Volochkova did not want to advertise purchase of expensive apartment and its repair.
mother of the ballerina Tamara Antonova took direct part in selection of building and finishing materials, sanitary technicians, furniture, video equipment. However and the conclusion with them of contracts madam Antonova has given the option of contractors to Elena Kostinoj. In March, 2002 Anastasia Volochkova has given out it the corresponding power of attorney. Relying on honesty of these people, - the designer confirms, - I made out contracts on myself. A number from them has been concluded on the terms of payment and credit instalments . According to Elena Kostinoj while works in apartment were conducted, all was remarkable. It even has received warm gratitude from Anastasia Volochkova . In June, 2002 arrangement of the Petersburg apartment of the ballerina has been finished. It even has spent the night there, thus any remarks has not stated. Also was gone. Kostin`s madam has contacted Tamara Antonovoj who has calmed the designer, having explained that at her daughter the dense tour schedule. Once again the designer managed to have a talk with mother of the dancer in the late autumn of 2002. Madam Antonova has told that at them time difficulties, has asked to calm firms which wanted to receive money for the services. After that, according to the set dresser, Anastasia Volochkova has changed numbers of phones.
about a year I was in a stressful condition, winter and spring 2002 - 2003 often was ill, - Kostin`s madam writes in the statement of claim. - my services have refused a number of clients, my reputation has suffered. I had to take a pseudonym Elena Ivanov . For the physical and moral sufferings the set dresser Elena Kostin asks court to collect from the ballerina and her mother as a group 30 million rbl. Besides, the designer has asked court to collect from respondents payment for manufacturing of sketches of interiors of apartment - 40 copeck
In case of satisfaction of requirements Kostin`s madam has promised 34211 rbl. to give money to the Bolshoi theatre that it has paid all claims shown by the ballerina to the employer.
Anastasia Volochkova`s mother madam Antonova on the request of the correspondent to comment on this situation has estimated the fact of the requirement from it money as very interesting . Thus concerning the claim madam Antonova of anything plainly could not tell. I do not know, any papers from court to me did not arrive - Tamara Antonova summarised.
DMITRY - MARAKULIN, St.-Petersburg