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Presidential fishing

During visit to Vladivostok on June, 23rd, 2004 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has met seaside fishermen and has discussed with them problems of development of fish branch of Russia. The president has suggested the fishing companies to be integrated, as it will raise their capitalisation and will allow to become competitive in the world fish market. On June, 23rd, 2004, after supervision over a course of maneuvers Mobility - 2004 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has visited institute of biology of the sea of Far East branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has held meeting on problems of fish branch onboard a fishing trawler Archer which have specially adjusted to a mooring of the Vladivostok marina. In cabins - the company of a trawler of the Russian president were waited by the governor of Primorski Territory Sergey Darkin. Mister Darkin heading group of presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation on development and increase of competitiveness of fishing industry of Russia, has reported on the president that in fish branch, as well as in many other things, Russia on - former remains the supplier of raw materials on the world markets. According to the seaside governor, the reason of it is in low capitalisation of branch, inefficient state management. fishermen wait from the state of acceptance of the Federal law on fishery, financing of a branch science, upholding of national interests in the international programs and trading negotiations with leading world powers . Sergey Darkin has shared with the president the reasons that Russian rybopromyshlennikam protection from " is necessary; unreasonable tariff and not tariff restrictions and the mechanism of the free reference of quotas in the secondary market is for this purpose necessary. Also mister Darkin has noted necessity of building of the coastal enterprises for processing of fish and fishing fleet updating. According to the seaside governor, fishing industry of Russia is not certificated till now according to the European standards. it already closes today for us sale foreign markets. We are compelled to sell raw materials to foreign intermediaries, first of all to China. The problem not the separate fishing companies, and branch as a whole is here again concluded. To solve it under force only to the state - mister Darkin has told, addressing to the president. He has noticed that ways of a solution of a problem are already designated in its report which will sound at the next session of the State Council devoted to fish branch.
having listened to Sergey Darkina, Vladimir Putin`s message has declared that modernisation of fish branch goes slowly: 80 % of fish production are delivered abroad outside the limits of customs control. The president also has noticed that 60 % of the enterprises of branch are in a heavy financial position. As he said, all fish branch of Russia has a strongly pronounced export orientation, but delivers raw materials and production of low degree of processing besides that import of production of high processing constantly increases. in branch in last two - three years have occurred positive changes which while are imperceptible for consumers - the president of the Russian Federation has noted. He has declared also necessity of integration of the fishing companies which will raise their capitalisation. it is necessary to modernise branch and then we can it dekriminalizirovat, and from potentially rich it will turn in rich - the president has underlined. Mister Putin has noticed that problems of fish branch aggravate high administrative barriers, it is not developed system of port constructions, high tariffs that Leads to a difficult situation of processing branch ashore .
During meeting the president has suggested participants of a meeting to make the proposals on development of fish branch, in particular, on the mechanism of distribution of quotas. the faster you will present them, the faster it will start to work - Vladimir Putin has noticed. Also the president has expressed confidence that deputies will support being on consideration of the State Duma the bill providing strengthening of administrative and criminal punishment for poaching. In end of meeting the president has promised to Sergey Darkinu that once again will return to fishery problems in Moscow, having noticed that following the results of conversation commissions to the government will be given.
MARIA nechiporuk