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Obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will spend a party line on the regional organisations

Yesterday come back with congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Moscow heads Novosibirsk obkoma the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation which have supported party leader Gennady Zyuganov, have declared that obkom intend to be engaged in the decision organizational-structural questions in regional Communist Party organisations. The first and second secretaries obkoma, deputies of the State Duma Victor Kuznetsov and Anatoly Lokot have promised that all will do without zachistok concerning opponents of mister Zyuganov, but all Novosibirsk communists are assured of it not.
on July, 3rd in Moscow have passed two alternative congresses of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. On one of plenums after congress by the party leader Gennady Zyuganov, on other - the governor of the Ivanovo area Vladimir Tikhonov has been selected. The decision of each of plenums is now challenged by opponents in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The Novosibirsk delegation from five persons has with its full complement shown loyalty to Gennady Zyuganov.

Yesterday misters the Elbow and Smiths have begun the press conference with the story about in what inhuman conditions they had to work at party congress. Victor Kuznetsov has complained that the electric power has been disconnected, is stuffy, it was necessary to read the report under light of lanterns . But any extreme situations only rally opposition forces - secretaries Novosibirsk regional kommiteta have firmly assured journalists of firmness of the position.
the Party leadership, apparently, has estimated this position. To two Duma members-communists from Novosibirsk - to Ljubovi Shvets and Victor Kuznetsovu - there was a place in updated and reduced to two ten person of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, one more secretary obkoma Vladimir Karpov became the candidate for members of the Central Committee, and Anatoly Lokot was included into presidium of a kontrolno-revision committee of party.
In the bottom of anybody it was not possible to buy, - Victor Kuznetsov has declared, making comments on development of inner-party struggle on the eve of congress. - that occurred in Moscow, will not affect local structures never . We will remind, regional partkonferentsija, delegating novosibirtsev on congress to Moscow, has obliged them to support Gennady Zyuganov`s nominee in the decision, warning that otherwise they will break party discipline and will undergo to strict collecting. Fears of representatives of some regional Communist Party organisations became an occasion for this purpose - whether their leaders will pass to a platform of mister Tikhonov. I consider that it has been made in vain, simply have overheated. We have gone on congress armed with the decision that it is necessary to support absolutely certain line - Anatoly Lokot has noticed.
on a question of the correspondent Whether any cleanings concerning group not consent with a policy obkoma Novosibirsk communists will follow, Victor Kuznetsov has noticed: We not the blood-thirsty. If something solves, the organisation " solves;. Anatoly Lokot has added with its explanatory that in a Novosibirsk regional Communist Party organisation of the relation are under construction by a principle there are discussions, discussions, criticism and self-criticism, but the decision is accepted - we work " further;. The Same, who, as he said, drops out of authorised norms that for itself(himself) he solves further, in party or not .
In the latter case it was a question of the general director of shoe factory Vestfaliki Michael Titov who, contrary to the decision of the Central committee, autumn of last year stood in governors of the Novosibirsk region, for as has been excluded from the party by the decision obkoma. Mister Titov has appealed in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but, according to misters of the Elbow and Kuznetsova, no chances at it on its satisfaction are present. However, secretaries recognised that in a local Communist Party organisation, besides mister Titov, there are also others certain problems on organizational structures (we will remind, Zaeltsovsky and Novosibirsk rural regional Communist Party organisations declared mistrust to a management obkoma Communist Parties in the spring. - ) . We should work with them, somehow to calm, that they normally to each other concerned and as a whole felt more confident - has told the first secretary obkoma. As to other companions they were mistaken and will draw a conclusion from these errors - summarised its thought of the second.
a member of the Zaeltsovsky regional organisation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bulychyov so has commented yesterday on intentions of a regional party management: All of us have smoothed out even before our conference. Now all will be silent, the decision the Ministry of Justice yet will not make, and then I do not exclude that if we will continue to occupy a hard line us will ask from party .