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Grain in exchange for coal

Yesterday the governor of Altay territory Michael Evdokimov has visited for the first time the Kemerovo region with working visit. With neighbours the head of edge tried to agree about purchase of coal and sale of grain of the future crop. Agreements with the Kuzbass colleague Aman Tuleyev Michael Evdokimov named preliminary, but has noticed that the parties have agreed on the future as there will be problems, to solve them in common .
According to administration of the Kemerovo region, goods turnover of two next regions exceeds 3 mlrd rbl. a year. Deliveries to Altay territory make of the Kemerovo region more than 80 % of goods turnover. It basically coal (4,5 million t in a year), metal products, building materials, mineral fertilizers, polymeric products. The Altay enterprises deliver foodstuff, machine-building and chemical production to Kuzbas.

Negotiations between governors Aman Tuleyev and Michael Evdokimovym have passed yesterday in first half of day in a building of the Kemerovo regional administration. As has told after their termination the vice-governor of Altay territory on the industry and a fuel and energy complex Leonid Baklitsky, the main subject of negotiations were possible deliveries of coal from Kuzbas to Altai and counter deliveries of grain. According to the mister Baklitsky, coal consumers in Altay territory need 270 thousand t coal of mark SS till the end of 2004. Coal of mark SS goes basically for export, and on the Russian market gets in the limited volume. As Michael Evdokimov recognised, the problem consists just that the Kuzbass coal miners are connected by export contracts. Nevertheless, according to the mister Baklitsky, Aman Tuleyev has promised that will help with the organisation of deliveries of coal, and representatives of the coal companies who were present at negotiations ( Kuzbassrazrezugol and CHernigovets ) Did not object.
in turn the delegation of Altay territory has offered the Kemerovo region deliveries of grain of a new crop with an advance payment at the price of 4000 rbl. for ton at monetary payment and on 4500 rbl. at payment by deliveries of agricultural machinery from Kuzbas (sowing complexes). As the chief of central administrative board of agriculture of administration of Altay territory Ivan Loor has explained, this year in Altay territory by the grain is sowed 3,4 million in hectare, including 2 million in hectare - wheat. It is expected that will be collected about 4 million t grains, and more than half of this volume will be sent for region limits. Mister Loor also has informed that Altay territory is ready to use services of the Kuzbass agricultural manufacturers at harvesting on Altai. In this case they can expect to receive 25-30 % of the collected grain as payment.
as the administration of the Kemerovo region has informed yesterday, summing up visit of Evdokimova, Kuzbas intends to buy from neighbours wheat at the co-ordinated prices . However in commercial service of one of the flour-grinding enterprises of the Kemerovo region could not comment on advantage of the offer of the Altay delegation for Kuzbass pererabotchikov, yet there will be no data about volumes and terms of deliveries and about quality of grain. As to the Kuzbass agroindustrial corporation buying on budgetary funds grain for reserve fund there do not plan to buy the Altay grain in a considerable quantity as the regional state corporation is traditionally focused on cooperation with the Kuzbass economy.