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The Sochi resorts will choose the Novosibirsk representative

Joint-Stock Company the Sochi resort association (SKO) declared plans on opening of a network of representations in the Russian regions and to carrying out of an advertising campaign for rest advancement in Sochi. Representations should appear in the majority of big cities of Russia, including in Novosibirsk. In Novosibirsk travel agencies do not state special fears in connection with forthcoming occurrence in the local market of the Sochi company.
the Sochi resort association it is founded by a number of sanatoria and boarding houses of the Big Sochi and now unites 12 Black Sea health resorts. In the near future the association management intends to increase their quantity at least to 40. Company Overall objectives are carrying out of a joint price policy of health resorts, control over quality of resort service. The basic sales of permits SKO conducts through a network of regional tourist agencies which work on a commission basis. The purpose of representations created in region is effective sales promotion.

As has told to the correspondent commercial director SKO Valery Sychev, the company has already opened representations in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and a number of other cities. Shortly Tyumen, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan and Novosibirsk should join this list. sitting in Sochi, happens difficultly to sell permits, without knowing local nuances - Valery Sychev has explained plans of regional advancement SKO. As he said, the regional representative will have in hands all quotas of places in sanatoria and access to booking system the Cypress that huge value during a high season has. In management SKO are not afraid that the representation in the name of local tourist agency will abuse the powers at quota distribution. its problem - not to strangle the market, and on the contrary - mister Sychev considers.
one of perspective directions of work SKO is the project the Permit in Sochi which provides creation of a high-grade tourist`s package for interested persons to have a rest on the Russian Black Sea coast. To clients will offer a package deal, including flight, a transfer, hotel and other services. This form of work, according to mister Sychev, thanks to great volumes of transportations has already led to that at purchase of a tourist`s package flight Moscow-Sochi already now on a number of directions manages more cheaply, than at purchase of air tickets separately.
in regions have no anything against occurrence of representation of the Sochi resorts and even consider that it will do the market good. Now the majority of regional travel agencies works through large Moscow tour operators which presume to redeem to itself the big blocks of places in hotels and sanatoria and have own convenient systems of booking. SKO can make a serious competition to Muscovites. all will depend on the price and quality, and also from efficiency of their work - the director of Novosibirsk travel agency " speaks; Tone Julia Shalagina. it is Always good, when there is something new, the question only in how it will be reflected in our business, - has carefully noticed in conversation with the correspondent the general director Olympia Rajzen-Sibir Victor Dann. - There are precedents, when monopolists like Joint-Stock Company Belokurikha open representations and start to sell more cheaply, than presume travel agencies . In other Novosibirsk travel agency, wished to remain the unknown person, have appeared are glad to occurrence in Siberia SKO. Recently at us RVB-Alean (the Moscow tour operator working on the Sochi direction. - ) has opened office of direct sales and actually undermines the market in infringement of the previous arrangements - have declared in travel agency. In its management consider that occurrence of the strong competitor will suit the local market.