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Volga-Dnepr the general director of airline " chooses between Ob and Yenisei

At the meeting which has taken place past Saturday in administration of Krasnoyarsk region; Volga-Dnepr Alexey Isajkin has declared that still considers the airport Krasnoyarsk as base for creation of cargo transport knot. However the final decision which assumes attraction in the main regional airport of considerable investments, according to mister Isajkina, will be accepted not earlier than the end of August. The governor of edge Alexander Hloponin has declared that is ready to help the Ulyanovsk airline to receive the promised investments, but into an exchange has asked to intensify work on the project. Originally Volga-Dnepr intended to construct a hub on the basis of Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo. In the beginning of June, after signing of the tripartite agreement, Press Secretary Tolmachevo Igor Ermakov has declared that about intentions Volga-Dnepr to refuse their services hears for the first time and no censures of airline to the airport arose till now . Yesterday one of top-managers of Tolmachevo has informed that negotiations of the airport with airline proceed, last working meeting of representatives of the parties has passed on July, 7th.