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Saratov to the Falcon wings

the head coach of the Saratov football club " will clip Yesterday; the Falcon Alexander Koreshkov has confirmed that at a command the big financial problems have begun. From - for them the Falcon has already cancelled planned for the middle of month gathering in Kislovodsk. And, probably, will refuse acquisitions of new football players in inter-season period. In a management the Falcon on a situation prefer not to make comments. Mister Koreshkov asserts that president FK the Falcon - the chairman of the Saratov regional Duma Sergey Shuvalov - has promised to it to resolve a situation by July, 15th. Mister Shuvalov prefers to stand aside from the conflict. Saratov the Falcon has finished the first circle of performances in the first battalion on the second place. The command concedes only groznenskomu to Terek Also has very good chances of that after four years again to leave in the prime minister - league. For the first time since 2002 on stadium tribunes the Locomotive where the Falcon leads house matches, began to gather more than 10 thousand fans. Joint-Stock Company FK the Falcon it is completely financed from the budget of the Saratov region. This year under the program of development of regional sports to it it is allocated an order $3 million
the Scandals which have been not connected directly with football, accompany a command during all season. The conflict of shareholders has led to that " in the winter; the Falcon has lost the base in October gorge. Now the command spends gathering in rented boarding house. In the spring at once some deputies of regional Duma have declared that consider command financing superfluous and putting on a side of a survival others dotiruemye from the budget sports. And in the summer the Office of Public Prosecutor of Saratov has filed criminal charges upon assignment or waste of budgetary funds. The main figurant of this business - the former general director of club Alexander Poimtsev is declared in federal search.
nevertheless even under such circumstances the command continued to play successfully. But after a Friday match with Makhachkala Anzhi at the head coach the Falcon Alexander Koreshkova the patience has come to an end. He has declared to journalists that the command experiences now the big financial difficulties. I consider that the command deserves really to apply for the permit in the prime minister - league. It is a pity, if monetary problems prevent to solve this problem - Alexander Koreshkov on poslematchevoj has declared a press - conferences in the evening on Friday.
now the Falcon really endures financial crisis. By data , the command has already spent an annual limit of the money resources allocated from the regional budget. The debts under the salary to players make about three months. The head coach considers that without problems finishes a season club can only in the event that the regional thought will find for it additional reserves as it already was last years. For example, autumn of 2003 the Falcon has received from the budget of 30 million roubles on carrying out in Saratov the All-Russia Games of schoolboys.
mister Koreshkov though has declared to journalists serious problems of financing of club, has preferred not to concretise, by what exactly they are caused. Has only predicted that will solve them difficultly from - for political piarovskih actions .
It is necessary to tell that this year the Falcon any more the first time accuse of participation in a policy. To a command made a complaint in that, it takes away to herself all budgetary funds allocated for sports, and also that the club uses the patronage at a management of a regional thought. Its chairman Sergey Shuvalov is the president of club, and the first vitse - speaker Vladimir Churikov - the chairman of association of development of the Saratov football. Scandal with criminal case also has not added to a popularity command.
we have three ways of the decision of a question, - mister Koreshkov has declared yesterday . - the first - to find financing. If we will not find, the second - to go to amateur league and to begin all anew. The third variant - sale of football players . The trainer yet does not know, by what variant events will develop, but has told that Sergey Shuvalov has promised to solve all problems by July, 15th.
mister Shuvalov yesterday from any comments on a theme the Falcon has refused. And one of football players of a command has on the condition of anonymity declared that the command is ready to wait crisis easy. in the first battalion of money now is not present at anybody, - it sadly ascertained. - in Elista even 11 persons on a match cannot collect, in Chita in general from the beginning of year anybody rouble did not see. So a falcon is in quite good position. Such troubles were here and earlier, but the management always with them consulted. In this sense at football players Saratov has good reputation .

the Management the Rotor is at war with fans
past Sunday within the limits of 16 - go round of the championship Russian football the prime minister - leagues Volgograd the Rotor has led a house match with Moscow a Torpedo also has suffered the next defeat (0:1). Commands are on different poles of standings. Inhabitants of Volgograd for all championship in 16 games have typed only six points, only once won a victory and are on last place. a Torpedo is in the lead in the championship. Nevertheless owners the match most part owned advantage. But avtozavodtsy have shown a characteristic example as it is necessary to gain victories on a class . One penal performed by Sergey Osipov and an error of the goalkeeper the Rotor Andrey Chichkina has sufficed, that torpedovtsy have taken away from Volgograd three points. As a result the Volgograd club on a step has come nearer to a departure in the first league. Besides, the match has been noted by the become aggravated opposition of a management the Rotor and fans of club. The militia simply has not started up representatives of fan movement on tribunes. As has explained on poslematchevoj a press - conferences the technical director the Rotor Rohus Shoh, From - for available information on preparing provocation from fans . Active workers the fan - club the Rotor have informed that all provocations were reduced to the next placing on a tribune of the poster accusing the honourable president of club of Vladimir Gorjunova in disorder of a command.