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Four-seater Robinson - 44 it is made by company Robinson Helicopter Company (USA), has the Russian certificate. Style of operation is as much as possible approached to the automobile. It can be equipped with stationary inflatable floats for water landing. It is considered one of the most reliable helicopters. Helicopter cost - from 40 to 45 thousand dollars USA.

As already informed , the helicopter Robinson - 44 belonging to one of owners of the Ekaterinburg building company Isol was gone on July, 7th. Onboard the helicopter there was pilot Pavel Savinov and three passengers - the head of department of the Moscow company Infromsvyaz Alexander Metalikov, the head of the same company Alexander Poljansky, and also the chief of a communication service of the Sverdlovsk railway Victor Zajtsev. In some hours after a departure with a board communication was gone, but alarm have lifted only when the helicopter has not arrived to destination at the appointed time.
in search of the gone helicopter it has been involved more than hundred employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also the helicopter MI - 8 aviation enterprises Uktus .
Searches proceeded almost three days. The helicopter have found out only past Saturday: rescuers from the helicopter have noticed on the bank of the Bilimbaevsky pond (in 700 metres from a camp site the Traffic light ) the scorched fragments Robinsona . In helicopter salon four scorched corpses have found out.
yesterday upon failure the Sverdlovsk transport Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges (article 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport ) . According to preliminary data, the helicopter has lighted up right after falling, - the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk transport Office of Public Prosecutor Nikolay Tikhonov has informed the correspondent , - the cabin has burnt out completely. The pilot and passengers have scorched to unrecognizability. Now bodies are delivered in a regional judicial mortuary . Now at an investigation team two priority versions of incident: technical malfunctions of the helicopter and an error at piloting. Concrete conclusions, according to the head of transport Office of Public Prosecutor, the consequence can make only after experts will study fragments Robinsona also will decipher airborne recorder records.
in turn employees of Ural management GSGA were connected to failure investigation the Russian Federation and main board FLA of the Russian Federation. we still yet were not on a wreck place and consequently any conclusions we can not make " yet; - a deputy head of Ural management GSGA Vladimir Peshkov has informed the correspondent .
Meanwhile till now it is not clear, why onboard the helicopter there were passengers. After all in the demand submitted a management of Pervouralsk branch FLA, it made uchebno - training flight. Therefore, according to rules, at the helicopter there should be only a pilot. The deputy director Infromsvyaz Yury Ljaskovsky has told to the correspondent that its lost colleagues have arrived to Ekaterinburg in business trip: Alexander Metalikov and Alexander Poljansky took part in scientifically - technical meeting in Upravlenii SvZhD who is our client .
In izole officially on incident do not make comments. However the source in the company, wished to remain not named, has told that passengers flied to Perm on office affairs. The third version was put forward by representatives of the commission on investigation of causes of accident. They do not exclude that misters of Metafaces, Half-Jansky and Hares have taken off on rest. Probably, it has turned out so that Muscovites have arrived on affairs, and hospitable owners have decided to show then to them city vicinities, - a deputy head of regional Management GSGA Vladimir Peshkov has told, - and as it was - on a voluntary basis or on commercial, we while do not know, but too we will find out it .
If it will be found out that there were infringements by preparation for flight the attention to the question on responsibility of Pervouralsk branch FLA can be brought. Conclusions about the reasons of wreck of the helicopter Robinson - 44 commission GSGA and Office of Public Prosecutor will make not earlier, than in some months.