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Nobody would like to be spent especially for a holiday

As it became known , the department of real estate of the mayoralty of Omsk has confirmed sketches of external social advertising for registration of streets to forthcoming celebrating of the City Day. At meetings in district administrations to businessmen have suggested to order under these sketches manufacturing celebratory peretjazhek and stickers then to decorate city streets and facades of own enterprises. Businessmen have concerned additional expenses half-heartedly, but holiday registration in streets of Omsk have agreed to pay. there is a reason share in forcing us to be decorated, we will support projects, reasonable from the point of view of the finance and beauty - the deputy director on advertising and cinema hire " has told; Mayakovsky Konstantin Kraskov. In total city officials intend to spend 3,5 million rbl. for celebrating of day of the basis of Omsk
By data a press - mayoralty services, in the City Day which will be marked on August, 7 8th, on pyrotechnic performance in 10 points of Omsk, exhibitions, concerts, fairs and festivals it will be spent 3,5 million rbl. From city budget for the holiday organisation today it is already allocated by 400 thousand rbl., businessmen in the form of sponsor`s payments have given more than 300 thousand rbl.

As has told the head of department of design of the city environment and advertising of department of real estate of administration of Omsk Ljubov Brineva, the city authorities confirm sketches of an emblem and peretjazhek for celebrating 288 - letija the bases of Omsk. This year the oval divided into four sectors becomes a celebratory emblem of the City Day. City history the chapel image on the Ljubinsky prospectus will personify, modern architecture - musical theatre, the city future - under construction metromosta through Irtysh, one more sector of an emblem is given under an image of a happy Omsk family. It is supposed that businessmen will order manufacturing of a sticker with an emblem of celebrating of the City Day that then it to decorate show-windows of shops, public transport, own enterprises. To order manufacturing of a sticker and another celebratory naruzhki the real estate developed in department, it will be possible only at those advertising agencies which were defined by the mayoralty. For this purpose, according to madam Brinevoj, among Omsk advertising agencies officials have led selection. For manufacture of social outdoor advertising to the City Day the mayoralty has chosen four of 11 agencies. According to Ljubovi Brinevoj, quality of manufacture of banners, peretjazhek and stickers became the main criterion. Now requisites of these agencies are transferred in administration of districts and to businessmen for registration of orders. As has informed on the condition of anonymity a source close to a management of city department of real estate, the basic volume of the order for manufacturing celebratory peretjazhek will lay down on MUP the City centre of design and advertising . Thus, the city budget will partially refund the expenses connected with preparation for celebrating 288 - letija Omsk (on the average manufacturing and placing on two weeks of one peretjazhki in city centre will manage to the businessman in 13 thousand rbl. - ).
For the large complexes located in the centre of Omsk, such, as Shopping centre, the Ljubinsky prospectus a cinema Mayakovsky the city department of real estate has developed special design of celebratory registration of buildings. How many it will cost to owners of complexes, in department could not tell. Businessmen on the occasion of City Day celebrating have concerned additional expenses half-heartedly, but holiday registration all - taki are ready to pay. According to the deputy director on advertising and cinema hire Mayakovsky Konstantin Kraskova, nobody would like to be spent especially for a holiday . But we are in the central part of a city, and on - good there is a reason share in forcing us to be decorated to the City Day, we understand it, we reject any outstanding projects, reasonable ideas from the point of view of beauty and the finance - we support - mister Kraskov has told.
Anna Gadalina